Is your PS3 mad catz stick working?

I have this exact stick

For some reason, when I configure it to connect from SFV it works for 15 seconds or so and then it would stop working. I would reconnect it from the menu and it would work for a short period of time before stopping again.

Is there something wrong with my stick or is the game just buggy?


I have that stick and the round 2. both work fine on PS4

I have that stick as well. It works fine on my first PS4, but it times out after 30 seconds or so on the Star Wars limited edition PS4 that I recently purchased. I have contacted Sony and they told me that the newer PS4s have different components that affect the backward compatibility with this stick.

But does yours have the same behaviour? Or does it just doesn’t work at all? Mine works fir half a minute and then stops

It timed out, usually was able to get half way through the first round of the first online match. I had to get a new PS4 fight stick.

Anyone know if an Eight Arc Fusion(xb360/ps3) works?