Is Youtube Laggy for everyone this week? Its

Did it finally happen? Did youtube finally bite off more than it can chew?
Has youtube been semi laggy for everyone else this week?
The 360 res videos load quickly but the 480 videos are taking their sweet ash time.

Im still downloading at 800 kb a second elsewhere, I doubt its my internet.
I Ipod that wifi’s youtube is getting the same semi laggy download speeds.

I was spoiled to youtube runnin like a champ.
Its 3:30 central time atm. Maybe everyone at home and work is youtubing X_x.

34 ms ping 5m DL. Standard issue service. I guess youtube is just clogging up finally.
Im amazed it lasted this long.

Well download your ass on out of here

lol nah your right it is def lagging hardcore.