Is Zangief a cheap character only for low-leveled game?



Yeah most people think that Zangief is a cheap and low-leveled character that only for beginners, and for killing scumbags
High leveled players with certain counter-pick character can zoom out you forever
You can never beat Akuma, Seth & Sagat in high level game
You can never see a gief win EVO

last but not least, the victory for Zangief is base on the mistake from opponents
In high level game, the chance of opponent making mistake are very low, they know how to bait fireballs for your 1 hit green hand and then punish,
Zangief will be zoomed out like a punchbag and doing nothing


"last but not least, the victory for Zangief is base on the mistake from opponents
In high level game, the chance of opponent making mistake are very low"
i only agree with that, coz in certain MUs you cant determine the outcome by how good you play
he is not cheap but he is way better in lower skill levels


**Is Zangief a cheap character only for low-leveled game?
** No. Detailed explanation to follow.

Can Zangief completely destroy low-leveled players? Absolutely, in very much the same way as Ibuki, Akuma and Seth. Arguably, vortex characters would completely annilate beginners even faster than the Red Cyclone.

Is Zangief a cheap character? No. he is not overpowered. And certainly not abusable for EVO victories.

Is Zangief a beginner’s character? Absolutely NOT. Churning bread and butter is easy. But playing him well, is the stuff of legends. Demands intermediate to advanced user ability.

**Can Zangief be competitive at high level play? ** Absolutely. Although some match-ups would be difficult. But in Ultra, the faster LPGH, and that added random factor, will benefit Zangief. The ability to be in your face at the blink of an eye. It will be the next Messiah, and help close the gap in Zangief’s bad match-ups.

**Can Zangief win EVO? ** The buffs in Ultra, certainly make it possible. Perhaps not enough people play him, so that could be a factor also.

Zangief is an intermediate to advanced character. Relatively, he has minimal execution barriers. He needs sound match-up and footsie/spacing specific knowledge to do well. And finally, the most important skill set = Zangief needs excellent YOMI, adapting, reading and predicting your opponent. Especially as his tool set, creates those mix-up opportunities. You have to out think your opponent. Ideally, you have to be patience, take minimal risks, close distance to establish the threat of SPD, force your opponent to GUESS to that threat, and punish accordingly.


I’m sorry but it’s not possible for a Gief to win EVO. Even if Cantona, GoGo, Zangitan, etc all came here it would still be impossible as much as I’d love to see it happen. The fact that not many people play him has nothing to do with it. Too many horrific mu’s and the character is just not good enough to overcome all the obstacles. This shouldn’t even be debatable lol.


I’m not an advanced player but I think when opponents have good sense of spacing it becomes very hard for zangief to win.


Nope. Not beginner friendly as people think. He can win, but you need a lot of knowledge… and patience. Look at Snake Eyes for example. That’s grapplers in general though, Abel is an exception, you can go ham if you guess right.

If Gen and Vega can win majors, so can Gief. Gen isn’t even that good, people are just free to his mixups, or people should just pick Bison if they’re not gonna bother learn them, at least he can escape sometimes.


This statement couldn’t be more wrong or clueless wow.


Gief is a certified scrub hammer/ scrub killer. At low levels, the effort to win with him is far less than the amount of skill needed to beat him. 3 button AA, don’t need to worry about throws, high damage, combos aren’t nessesary when churning works fine. If people can’t zone properly or AA, they are dead meat.

Beating Gief /=/ SF4. It’s “Gief Fighter”

Remember he completely dominated Vanilla SF4 for the first 6 months or so.

It is EXACTLY the reason why Gief keeps getting nerfed despite never being better than mid tier.

Beating elite players? Nigh impossible. You simply have to outguess them and take far greater risks.


Rofl, low level game? What are we talking about here? Beginner Ryu vs beginner Gief? Who wins that outcome? Who honestly cares? If you’re low level Gief and beat your low level Ryu friends, it doesn’t mean anything. Low level Ryu probably didn’t mash SRKs enough.

Gief winning Evo? Possible, depending on the road to get there. If there was a Bison player who took out all the Ryus and Akuma along the way, then it’s Bison vs Gief. It could happen. Snake Eyez has proven that he can win majors with Big Red. The buffs to Gief for Ultra might just be enough to even out the situation vs the problem characters.


What world do you live in bro lol? You’re hilarious.


How is this even a thread. No character is a beginner character. Who cares about scrubs beating scrubs. Or beginner beating beginner.

This is stuff highschoolers who play Streetfighter like any other casual game talk about and has no place here.
EVERY character has stuff even a mediocre player can abuse against a newbie, Gief’s stuff just does more damage.

And if you’re talking stuff like

And high level Giefs know these baits. Dude, come on.

Gief winning Evo would be highly unlikely though, but because of his almost unwinnable matchups.

Where and who are these people? I don’t know a singe person who thinks that.




Playing a high level Gief requires advance level of overall footsie, lots of patients, and mind games. What gief can do that no other is sit there and block since your opponent most of time is always walking back and playing a zone hit and run game and trying to get you to chase them… I think Gief can win an EVO in the right hands.


And the right bracket.


Yes Gief can win EVO if only Gief players are in the tourney.


Gief is only winning Evo if some miracle happens and somehow all his bad Matchups just eliminate one another. While he only fought Dan’s.


I don’t think he can win a major like EVO. Too many killers and it only takes one to counter-pick with Sagat.


Bet all of you counting out Gief feel pretty dumb right now.


Not me. I wasn’t counting out USF4 Zangief.

All Hail the Ultimate LPGH.

Snake was so close to taking it to a 5th match against Fei Long. And he could have easily closed out Rose.


I’ve been playing since Vanilla. Been playing seriously since AE dropped. I’ve played with a lot of characters. Cody, Ryu, Sagat, Juri, Seth, Sakura, Abel, Evil Ryu, Akuma, Poison, Guile, etc…and the now Gief. He’s without question the most challenging character I’ve had to pick up. The dude is work. Then work, then more work.

Is he a noob killer? Of course he is. Mashed DPs are massively punished into a mix-up opportunity that they won’t recognize. People don’t know how to punish his unsafe stuff. Things like that.

Juri’s a noob killer too because of her fireball game. As is Sagat, Hawk, Vortex Characters, etc. Nothing wrong with that.

That said, once you hit the intermediate level, Gief completely balances out, and when you hit the higher levels, Gief is a challenge.