Isaac Graham/Skisonic's Hotel Room Thread

OK I got in Thursday afternoon and we pretty much start running shit in room 8734. Over the course of the weekend, over $1,000 exchanged hands and a ton of people couldn’t take the craziness of the room.


Can’t remember what money matches started off first but eventually Josh Wigfall and the rest of the NY crew (Yipes, Chaz, Shaun, Liston) showed up to the room and everyone tried to get the Soo vs Wigfall rematch going. Everyone also wanted to see Yipes vs Soo. So we get the shit going, Soo shows up and plays Yipes first.

Isaac and Wigfall both put up $50 to Yi Wang’s $100. Yipes takes it 6-3. Isaac then puts up $100 to Philth’s $100 in Wigfall vs Soo rematch. Wigfall wins 6-4. No handshake or good game, Soo, Philth and Yi leave and someone ends up punching a wall.

Next up Isaac and I play a bunch of 2v2 with Hawaii’s players and end up winning around $240 total but it doesn’t matter because Rawbzilla is a fuckin champion of life and had 734676347647463946378 $100s in his wallet.

After winning nearly $500 over the span of 2 days, Isaac Graham proved he was the craziest.

One night, either Friday or Saturday, Cableguy randomly follows us up to Isaac’s room after we make it explicitly clear that he isn’t invited. We go in and sit around for 20-30 minutes. “Hey potter, Cableguy is still sitting right outside of the room. Bet it.” “Ok.” I open the door and Cableguy is longingly staring at the door. I laugh and then close the door to scoop my money.

Fast forward to Sunday night after evo is over. I think DucJr. calls me and says Cableguy wants to play a money match and I agree. They both show up after awhile and Cableguy is already noticeably buzzed from the extra powerful two beers he drank a few minutes ago.

As usual, Cableguy starts saying stupid shit and annoys/offends most of the people in the room. Drunk cableguy “Yo nigga, why you hatin’ on me son, I thought we were cool nigga.” Not a good look in a room with a bunch of ec marvel guys.

Anyway, Cableguy ended up offending a ton of people in the room then getting a plastic bottle thrown at his head. He blew up and tried to get crazy with the room, but like I said Isaac was already the craziest so that shit didn’t work.

Bitching, moaning, whining, bitching, moaning, whining, trying to get crazy, more bitching, some complaining and Cableguy eventually crying like a toddler was how the night ended. Cableguy leaves the room on the verge of tears and ends up sitting outside of the room for 3 hours.

Cableguy eventually realizes he fucked up pretty bad and asks to apologize to a few people, Isaac goes out and ends up having to walk Cableguy back to his room and giving him some baby wipes.

Maybe you shouldn’t drink so much Gayble. ^^


  • 4,000 people in the room to watch Yipes and Wigfall RTSD
  • Baltimore Pete drinking 2 1/2 shots of 151 and nearly dying
  • N-Ken snoring like a fuckin 18 wheeler
  • Isaac winning 276379862756 dollars
  • Wigfall buying a $200 wallet courtesy of so cal marvel and gaybleguy
  • Viscant nearly punching the shit out of Gaybleguy
  • Japan3gro getting nice with Superior Tek lyrics
  • Bronson wearing the same clothes all 3 days
  • Yipes and Potter for gracing the top 3
  • Shadowcharlie being THAT dude
  • Ski drinking so much he was shaking in his sleep

i’m sure there was a bunch of other shit i forgot so i’ll let those other dukes get at this.

Yeah that room was just crazy on its own… Now I don’t know who punched the wall but if anybody does plz speak up and let the god know.

Most memorable stuff was Shawn fuckin Morgan doing the robot dance, Cableguy getting hit with a bottle?? whatever thats about, and Yipes calling him SWEET hella loud. Also cableguy singing the lyrics to Notorious B.I.G - Juicy

^^damn i cant belive i missed that shit
yall are all niice.
…sept wiggy
wigfall shows up with his new GGGucci wallet
me:'ooo nice, is that what u bought fo me?'
wigfall:>=/ 'yeah O K’

fuck, i missed out on all that crazy shit while gambling. next time.


8734 was INSANE, Bill pretty much got that shit down, Cableguy wanted to bet over freestyles, I wasnt really prepared but next time I want that shit. Pretty much everyone in 8734 over the weekend was cool, especially since there were 2465346457 people in there for Yipes v Soo and my shit didnt get jacked, except for a temporary missing shoe. Bill Ima train and get back my $2, count on it!

EDIT: damn 18 wheeler, owned

Thank you to all the Marvel heads who are so addicted to the game after 5 years that the most sleep I got was 4 hours. Although I guess it’s been thoroughly proven that you don’t need sleep to do well in tournament play, because I sure as hell didn’t have it!

Seriously though there were some crazy ass matches in my room over the weekend, and I don’t even play Marvel any more. MvC2 is one of the most entertaining spectator games and that’s probably why people still play it so hardcore. Good shit to everyone who showed up, I know I wasn’t there most of the time but it was cool when I was there.

And by the way, Cableguy, you are lucky I wasn’t there when you were acting like a total ass, because I don’t put up with that shit. You would have learned what it’s like to be Superman when I threw your tiny ass down the hallway. Not cool bro, learn to act civilized and keep your mouth shut.

I was close to getting off the bed and getting serious, Wigfall and Viscant were close too, it was bad.


yea, the room was hot!

Oh, my motherfucking God.

Bill fucking Wellman: Hol’at shit!!!

And I wasn’t even close to dying. Right when I chugged that shit, I was like, “Holy sh-…” I couldn’t get the “-it” out, it was burning so bad, lol. But I was fine after that. It just tasted all nasty… bleh.

gs, though. gs.

gg to Dave and Eric for cockblocking Billy… rofl.

Cableguy deserves a whole new thread…take this shit to general

pete, you may have said “holy sh-…” but it sounded like you were gasping for breath as you said it. You were definitely not “fine” after that, and I have the video to prove it.

n-ken, at least your snoring is not as bad as bmorechuns. He’s snoring is more like an 18-wheeler that hits you… over and over again.

btw, someone with a red mohawk got banged in our room… but I’m not saying any names. :amazed:

damn one of ma friends fucked tha bitch .

damn your room sounded hella crazy. i heard bout all tha shit cable guy did, some fuked up shat

that dude is a joke…


This was the craziest room i’ve ever been to at a tournament. Thanks to everyone who came by and obeyed me/christians order, and SPECIAL thanks for not raping our mini bar. 50000000 dollar drinks are gg on your bill(and if you did take somethin, you at least payed <3).

The whole cableguy situation is done and over with, steven apologized whole-heartedly. He got drunk, fucked up, gg. Again, thanks to cali for banking my pocket, good shit!

Also to bill, my money <3 for the weekend, GHANDI 5 IS COMING, WATCH OUT!!!

isaac is a cakeaholic

First Bill Wellman, Sturbury,Yipes,Issic

Bill wellman is pure gay i mean i was looking for marvel comp walked into the room(the door was cracked) only to find him sucking off Sturbury and Issic Gram…Plz dont say no homo cause thats just homo…I then ran out in pure shock…

Sturbury-Letting a man give you head is gay I dont care how thug you claim to be…and sometimes I wonder about you and your friend potter…You love the kid too much

Yipes- I dont know about homo, but the guy could stand to loose weight…I mean Hes on the slim slow diet…You are a Fat ass!!! go get some exercise…Nigga breathes heavy and shit… ahahahhaha it takes effort for him to exhale LMFAO you are one ugly motherfucker…I was looking at him and he was all cock eyed and shit…ROFL he needs the 2nd place money for the Lipo

2nd Justin Wong and Rickey Ortiz-

Justin Looses to Yipes and bursts in tears running to the bathroom followed by rickey Ortiz(rickey was crying too) im sure rickey made him feel better in there cause he came out smiling like a new man…Don’t try and no homo your way out of that shit

3rd Josh wigfall

Wigfall: You are seriously gay or some sort of bi…Wtf you doin hanging around bill welman…the guy is gay…You claim to be a thug but i dont know any thugs that hang out with fags…I mean Unless you and Bill were in Jail together or somethin??? and wtf is up with that rag and hat It has never left your head…I mean even thugs wash their hair thats nasty…You are gay and nasty bad combo fagget,but I guess bill made you feel better when he bent over screeming NO HOMO! NO HOMO! NO HOMO!

Dipset in General- You guys are fags…and need some help

New York: You are not thugs in any way just a bunch of fags…and I hate Gay People…the east coast is trash half of your top players are fucking each other…thats just nasty even if you are like Wigfall and are the one doing most of the fucking…damn fagget

Well i think that sums it up on why the east coast is garbage…pure garbage…nothing to see there but a bunch of fags

You registered today just to say all this…pretty thug if you ask me…

I left too early that night to watch the Soo vs Yipes match to go play slots in the casino. I’m sure someone taped it, but the question is when will it be available to download? Isaac is an M3 (money making machine) at gambling at the luxor and other places, to marvel.