"Ishiwatari's done it again!" ~ Music of BlazBlue


How about Guilty Gear x BlazBlue Music Live 2012? In a year old Game no Shokutaku (Japanese niconico-radioshow) Ishiwatari and MoriP spoke of future shows in a positive manor. What songs would you like to hear live?

I’d like to hear them all but especially Under Heaven Destruction. Plastic Night would be awesome too :>


i would kill for hearing a live version of Nightmare Fiction, i like the progressive vibe that the song has


Oh hey, you got the same taste I do.

I can’t find too many people who hate Alexandrite, Condemnation Wings, or Queen of Rose. Active Angel might get some people because of how overbearing it is in the beginning.

As for live songs, I’d like to hear X-Matic, Plastic Night, Gluttony Fang, Endless Despair, Awakening the Chaos, and sword of doom.

Alexandrite as well for the lulz.


Erm, well… here are my top 5. Note, I’ve only played BB:CSEX so if there’s tracks that were exclusive to previous versions, I may not have heard them.

#1: Soukyuu no Hikari - This one’s really epic, especially when used with Jin (my main atm). Besides, I’m always a sucker for game opening songs.

#2: Blue Beating - This is what I’d like to use in training, but it’s not available… DAAMMMIIIIT ISHIWATAAARRRIIII!

#3: Motor Head. Since I don’t get to use Soukyuu no Hikari that often, I usually go for this song. That engine strumm… just… HNNNNGGGGG!

#4: Howling Moon: I admit, I don’t use Valkenhayn or Rachel, but I like the former’s theme more so than the latter (in fact, I don’t really like Rachel’s theme much).

#5: Lust SIN - I’m a Jin main, so it’s a wonder why this isn’t higher. The answer is thus: THIS THEME IS NOT FIT FOR ME WHILST IN JIN’S SOUL! Yet, compared to the rest of the soundtrack, I like it enough to put it in my Top 5.

Honorable mentions are Alexandrite (which I loved the first time I heard it, but… sad to say Squirrel Buns is a real ditz and a complicated woman), Condemnation Wings (love the song, hate the owner), and SUSANOO (Hakumen’s awesome looking, his song’s meh, but he’s just so goddamn complicated to play).


As much I love all the BB tracks the way they are, I’d love if they would eventually make new versions of at least the songs from Calamity Trigger era. I don’t mean new versions as remixes but following the composition with new instrument recording.

I listen to BB music all the time while working, studying, driving etc. so I maybe the only one making a request like this. If you don’t get what I’m talking about just compare the drums’ quality in Rebellion game version and the LA version.


…Look you probably all know what’s coming at this point so do I really have to say it?..
…Really?.. sigh Alright then…


Asking me to choose favorite BlazBlue tracks is like asking me to choose between my children. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite, it’s be Rebellion. Blood Pain comes second.


You better have listened to this and have this song on your playlist or your Bang fetish starts to look fraudulent.


You can thank ArcSys for being bored enough to do this.


CT: Repuu(fucking manliest song EVAR). Queen of Rose is almost neck in neck with Bang’s theme
CS1:Condemnation Wings(Sword of Doom follows closely afterwards). If only Tsubaki were as top tier as her theme. :3
CS2/Extend: Tossup between Alexandrite and Active Angel

If I had to pick one… it’d still be a tossup between Repuu and Condemnation Wings. Tsubaki’s theme just makes me think that God’s angels are gonna come and strike my heathen ass down.



Every one of Ishiwatari’s compositions: “Come on guitars, work your magic~”


Bangs theme. All Day. Every Day.


Well not many people know of these versions but my favs are Queen of Rose ~Scarlet Onlooker~ & Condemnation Wings ~Cry Camellia~. Putting it short it’s Rachel’s, & Tsubaki’s theme with the their japanese voice actors singing it, and it is official cause they had it in some blazblue soundtrack cd…just not in the game =(. There is also lyrical versions of Litchi, Bang (Gale), and Makoto’s theme…but they aren’t as great.


PS…if anyone is up to start a petition to get these in the game I’m all up for it


Makoto’s is godlike, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

(I like Rachel’s and Tsubaki’s more though)


Of the vocal themes, Rachel’s is by far my favorite.


Just uploaded the stepchart video of Nightmare Fiction:

Plus I just recently started to listen Song Interlude album while driving a car and I have to say, when the guitar riff starts in Plastic Night - DAMNN


I have played Pandora Tears so many times. Love So Blue is another I would like to mention.


I’m so happy BBCP limited edition comes with ost <3 Ragna/Hakumen theme FTW!


Active Angellllllllllllllllllllllll


I don’t really like how they changed MotorHead. It still sounds good but I just don’t like how it compares to the original is all. Condemnation Wings II and Black & White are easily my favorites right now.


Hey. Does anyone know what song this is called? http://youtu.be/380u4vNTtsQ

It plays in every match but I can’t find the name of it.