iSlaker - Have you met this wonderful man?

I quickly rushed a video about someone I played today in endless on XBL called iSlaker.
Just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.
BTW, forgive my awful playing. I have this thing where if I know that my opponent is awful, I go mad and jump everywhere, do nonstop electricity etc.
But the point is - what is up with this guy?[media=youtube]gPf8pYELXnM[/media]

I dont get it. What’s the difference between him and 99% of XBL?

…he has no PEE PEE. :wow:

Wait, so you happily state in the video that you mash electricity because your opponent is bad and you know he doesn’t counter it,
and then complain about him mashing SRK when you’re eating every single one of them?
I bet within the next hour there will be some thread called “owlsfisting - do you know this guy?” where some Ken complains that he fought a Blanka
which just mashed electricity, and then he started to play horrible and just spammed out SRK. And ate two random Ultras.

… No really, I don’t even have a fucking clue what this thread is about.
There’s some scrubA that loses to scrubB, then kicks scrubB from his lobby and sends hatemail. Issat it?.?

Yep that’s basically it
The only point is that you don’t meet many people with 3500 bp (and that’s with Ken, you’ll find lots of videos of him playing Juri) and 0 pp. I just can’t think how much he must quit.
I’m sorry if you don’t appreciate having this thread imposed upon you.

I actually really like this thread for multiple reasons:

  1. It’s all about PEE PEE.

  2. It promotes playing the game on a CRT (I do the same).

  3. owlsfisting has an awesome accent (I am not trolling) that reminds me of this:



^i used to have good memories associated with that song

i think that’s over now

This thread? This GAME is all about pee pee.

Yo WTF! That Ken mindfucked the hell out of me when he dashed up then shoryuken’d the other ken at 0:48. IDC who you are. You’re gonna fall for that mindfuckery lol.

I tried to join his/her endless lobby a few months back and got booted before playing even one match. I asked why and got this reply: “i dont have to give you a reason. i am the one who paid for all this shit from console to subscription i choose who i play with”. Maybe so, but it’s not nescessary to be such a bitch about it.

His/her Xbox profile message used to say:
"am tired of you nerds! you losers without a decent life. you buy £500 sticks so you can beat and humiliate others and feel great about yourselves but outside xbox live youre nothing but a bunch of sad nobodies. some dont know what sex is, some are unemployed and a lot are just people nobody wants to be seen with…"
Which was then followed by a link to a dating website (now deleted), hilarious irony right there. Even now, their new profile message is pretty bitchy and derisive -

Wish I had taken a picture at the time because the whole story is so retarded it sounds made-up (then again, never underestimate the stupidity of some Xbox Live users).

This guy is a loser. Met him online ages ago. Beat him and then he kicks me and starts sending racist hate mail to me! Seriously. I could not believe it! If he really hates people that are not white, why play a game where the whole cast is so ethnically diverse.
I get a fair bit of race mail on Xbox live. My gamer pic is my brown faced avatar, I never thought in 2012 there are so many racist gamers/people. I may now change it as it seems to offend so many people. How sad!
I always remember this iSlacker I I felt compelled to tell SRK.

Boo this man!!!boooo boooo

Sticks are expensive in England it seems

you guys are doing it wrong.

the proper response would be “cool story bro”

this is a pointless stupid ass thread, i want my time back.


NO! NO! ITS NOT OK! YOU TOOK MY TIME! my time is CLEARLY very valuable.

ill forgive you if you complement my comedy teehee

So another scrubby flowchart booster? Eh, its sad. Thanks for the vid.


…so now the world knows.

Get off the stage