Island says F-off India and Bangladesh

I just find this story funny how they wanted this tiny island for 30 years now its gone

Mind copying the context for those of us who can’t go to yahoo?

Island got sick of the trolling and went back to lurking.

This is like people who live in LA and complain that their houses washed away when the dam broke…

Its like when two kids fight over who owns the newly-created block castle so one just smashes it and neither can have it. That’s how you problem solve, let the planet decide.

I was visiting my relatives in Bangladesh last December. Man if you guys saw how retardedly densely populated Dhaka is and how many structures and garbage piling up in that city there is you would understand the need for wanting space so desperately and I thought NYC was over populated lol. I remember my cousins telling me they thought they’d be under water within their lifetime and I laughed that off at the time.

This would be actually funny if it involved OP actually staying on said island. Either him or his worthless excuse for parents that never taught him the meaning of humor. This thread makes me want curry, fuck you OP.

best trolling ever! takes more effort searching for more articles than copy/pasting. I award you +5 on your troll account.

oh ya thats right troll harder, make your life more pointless then it already is, fuck you, and fuck all your friends that live in Hati

I work with special needs kids a lot, so I figured I would do this favor on behalf of the retarded OP.

LOL, do I know you or something buddy? How the hell would you even know that I got friends in Hatia? If you got the energy to play detective I suggest you use it to make better threads you lazy lounge lizard.

im not even going to reply anymore, trolls arent even trying anymore