Isn't it funny? (NBA)

How basketball is the sport that most originated in America and we don’t play the national anthem at the start of games?

Football was inspired by rugby or lacross mostly if I remember correctly. And baseball takes most of it’s inspiration from cricket.


Yes, I know the other sports were officially created earlier than basketball for the most part, but I’m talking about originality of the sport in general. If someone can show me a largely known inspiration to basketball from another country, I would be glad to see it.

na, not that funny

At the very least it’s strange.

looking from across the pond, its really weird how almost everything you do has to have the national anthem. We don’t sing ours unless we’re competing against another nation.

Basketball originated in Canada. Even though 99% of the teams are in the U.S., I can’t tell you why the national anthem isn’t done at the start of games.

I’m 100% sure they perform the national anthem in the regular season and 99% sure that every arena does it before every game. TV doesn’t broadcast the national anthem until the playoffs.

You’re right. This is the only refernece I have. I thought that the inventor was Canadian and was in the states when he invented it. I confused that with the formation of the NBA.