Iso of art for my arcade boxes and your opinions<3

Hey guys, I am about to build my first arcadestick(thanks to everyone here that posted insightful articles). I am looking for your opinions on the design. Planning a stained tiger maple for the box. However currently torn between a black or blue stained tiger maple.

. I was wondering what you guys like better. If I chose the blue I basically have to go with a chung li background(unless someone can find me a cool akuma wallpaper that matches with the bright blue; would really be appreciated. My main is Akuma which I feel goes way better with the black stained maple. I would probaly use a picure like this

use clear semeitsu buttons and put his little logo on the back. Also is there a way I could make it so akuma was more on the left side of the stick and there was more forest to the right.

So could you guys post any art that could go with the blue stick
and are that goes with the black stick.

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it looks good.