ISO TE2 Yellow Bezel + Side Panels


Msg me if you have either of these and would like to $ell them to me. Thanks.


Bumping this thread b/c I’m (desperately) interested in a yellow bezel, too. Does anyone know of any place still selling them? I’m happy to pay a premium to anyone willing to part with one.


Got an email alert and thought someone had one, nope, just mr. tibbs tryin to snake mine, lol. J/k, thanks for the bump


PM’d with some good news!


U r hero, thanks man!


For anyone looking to add flavor to their TE2, I found a site that claims to have bezels and side panels in stock. I contacted them and they said supplies are limited.


Good lookin’ out Mr. Tibbs.


UPS just dropped mine off B)


Wasn’t even in the market for some and snagged some Orange sides and bezel. Thanks!


What happen to the madcatz shop i can’t find the page to shape for my te2 accessories.

also where can i find a noir panel for my te2?


Madcatz is dying


Dude , nothing left on this site :neutral: I’m looking for some TE2 bezels & side panels


I believe they only sell on Amazon now


Amazon is dry too