Iso xbl guile player



Ok so I got this game because one my friends insisted on me getting it. He mains guile and wipes the floor with me and I just have a ton of trouble beating him. We only play each other like once a week- even less sometimes, and it’s hard to practice with guiles because there are NONE online! I main C. Viper and my xbl is homiedude180 so feel free to add me if you want to help me get better.


Keep your mixup game going strong, aim for crossups, and don’t let him put pressure on you. One would assume there’s a matchup thread on the C.Viper forum that has the general strategy to use against Guile (though, alternatively you can also look at the Guile’s matchup thread to see the strategy against C. Viper). Didn’t really need a new thread, so hit up those two threads first and see what you can find.

For Guile matchup thread: Top of this forum or if you’re lazy:

For C.Viper matchup thread: Top of the C.Viper forum or if you’re lazy:


Well he is also inviting Guile players to play him on XBL. Hit me up sometime, I’m average because I still play old school…but I’m getting better thanks to the wealth of knowledge on these forums.



Yeah what wavyflatline said. I’ve already read those threads, problem is that there are no guiles to practice them on, hence the creation of this thread. I do apologize, though, because an entire thread probably wasn’t necessary :confused:

Oh! And I’m from DF-dub, TX too!!


I’m on xbl

Just add Tri4ce1


Tri4ce1, If you’re on today – I will add ya (or add me). I use Guile too and frankly, I am getting just a tad bored playing Chun all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same invitation goes out to WAY.


After playing you for a few I’ve noticed a few things. You never tried to cross me up. Viper’s fire crotch crossups are hell on guile. You have to be careful though, I’ll punish it if you spam it. Viper can be very confusing, you have to be tricky and keep the other player guessing. Poking with her ground punch at range is useful, but beware of ex booms. You never used her medium punch to punish my crouching block either, which usually snuffs the flash kick if timed right.

I’ll get a new mic tonight, so I can give you advice live next time.


Also, learn to pull off her ultra after blocking a Flash Kick. You could have punished me a couple of times as I was trying to tell you but I think YOU need to get a mic. lol.



Woot! I think I’ve got some of it down. Much thanks to wavyflatline and dragonplex! You guys are a ton of help.


GGs RonBath - like your aggro style and consistent use of crumple -> Ultra
Just gotta balance it more and set up some bait tactics. Keep at it and I am sure you’ll slap me down in the next session. :smiley:

(sidenote: man, these boards don’t see a lot of activity as of late.)