ISP recommendation

So, I might be boned. Moved into a new place out in Santa Ana. Near 17th and Bristol. Been here a month and not being able to play online (can barely get online thanks to open wireless broadcasts) is killin a nigga.

I’ve tried to so some research but it looks like I’ve hardly any options. This can’t be true can it? One of the few providers I could find is Time Warner but I think it goes wihtout saying that the company is a nightmare. I maybe able to live with that knowing that I can reliably get games in over their service.

So, should I do it or do you have somethin’ better to recommend to me? I seriously need some help here. Thanks in advance, nignogs.

Dang… nothin? No love.

I haven’t had any trouble with Time Warner since moving over a few months ago. Outside of the very rare outages, it’s been nice.

There is an arcade in Santa Ana with sfIV and decent (and hopefully growing) competition. The place is called Cameron’s Place and we even have our own thread. Come check it out, online sfiv suckkkksssssss

Time Warner is not bad at all.

had them for a while never any real problems with them.