ISP recommendations (Cheap+Gaming)

So right now I am living in the woods which is cool, but the Quest Cable internet fucking SUCKS for games. I am lucky on HDR to ever get pings under 100, then I got my friend’s house in the city and he has 30-80 for everyone :wow:

So I am moving out at the end of may and will have to get my own internet connection. I’ll be in the greater Seattle area…was wondering what internet packages are good deals for gaming… I only care about XBL since my computer sucks.

Not wanting to spend more than 50 a month for internet, is it possible to get kickass connection for that much? I am TIRED of this slow ass laggy connection… (nope, not using wifi either)…

I pay around 50 a month for verizon wireless fiber optics.

I pay about 30 a month for 6 meg AT&T DSL.

Seems to handle SFIV fine.

$45-50 a month for Road Runner.

I’ve never lagged on HDR and only occasionally on SFIV. But I’m convinced that the connection bars in SFIV are randomly generated, candy-colored illusions and therefore not indicative of an opponent’s connection speed.

comcast here and it never lags and is super fast… its comcastic!

Go to type in your zip code and check the reviews from people in that area for broadband services.

I managed to type in a random zip from seattle and read mixed reviews for all of the services. From my experience with cable I highly recommend using it. You’re looking at decent speeds for a decent price probably around 60 dollars a month for 15 down/ 5 up.

hate to give you the bad news but if you live in the sticks like i do you may be forced to get A T1 line to game. Even then i’m not sure what your ping rates would be. They are costly though and unless you got lots of cash probably not worth it just for gaming. Having said that As soon as i can afford i will get 1. Not because of gaming but because sat internet sucks for anything but downloading. Forget gaming i can’t even stream live video. The average ping rate is 900ms. Also they have an oppressive fap.

I’d pay good money to see a wireless fiber optic cable. :wow:

I am located over in Ballard, and we just switched ISPs. Used to have a dedicated DSL line to the house, and now we just switched to a fatter pipe on Comcast after much hesitation on my part. I’m not the biggest fan of blind throttled connections & oversateration from high user load on a ISP that oversells. Needless to say, their connections are rated high enough, that with a 15Mb/s down 5Mb/s up package, we figured we would have plenty of headroom (the upload is really what mattered). Ironically, for the better, we can pull a consistent 17Mb/s down and 7Mb/s up. Of course, take into account bursting on the line when tests are run, but that is plenty for gaming along with tandem use for us, and the price is prettty reasonable.

On a side note, Qwest curb side fiber was not available in our area (and Verizon is not the LEC here).

Get Verizon FiOS. :coffee:

Don’t do it just for you, do it for the future.

if you live out in the sticks, good luck getting someone to run a circuit out to you. T1’s are god awful by todays standards anyway – a meager 1.54Mbps, whereas cable now-a-days comes standard at 5Mbps+…not to mention the high installation and monthly cost associated with circuits vs ‘normal’ Internet connectivity methods.

I don’t wanna sign up for comcast and then 6 months later my bill doubles because their decent “introductory” price wears off and I have to pay the bullshit price though.

That Verizon Fios looks awesome, I will see if they’re available where I’m moving…

from what i hear, fios is very good. from experience, optimum online cable is good… but not great… better than dsl in this area though.

comcast is good just dont use their modem, buy your own. also verizon is better but costs more.

Does Fios have downloading limits per month?

a wireless fiber optic cable? obv he meant that verizon wireless is the provider, and the fiber optics part is the connection type?

Might be being redundant here, but curb side fiber (FiOS, Qwests’ crap) is usually the best consumer home service you can get. Generally you have a completely synchronous connection with commercial speeds, so your upload and download are separate channels and unaffected by the load on the other. Capping is at the will of the provider, as is port blocking no idea there. Sometimes the end user device can be modified to change the caps if in place…port blocking is easier to deal with.

Of course the hardest part about all this is location, as its damn hard to find someone to drop in the city for a reasonable price (Seattle I’m speaking of). This is why I do not have it…yet.

bet you cant get fios in your area. i cant even get it in my area. and im not sure but i think almost everybody has a download limit per month. its just really high probably.

sigh… what would be the point if it was WIRELESS fiber optic…

they run fiber optics to your house and you connect directly into it.

Yeah, if just want something for Live, there should be a Ma and Pa DSL place somewhere in your area.

Verizon doesn’t, though they say in their ToS that they don’t want you running “servers” and will confront you about if if your bandwidth usage seems suspicious. They don’t throttle torrents.