Israeli fighters rejoice!


for those of us fighting games fanatics that have a very small community here we can band together to fight each other.
Games i own:
Super street fighter IV AE
Mortal Kombat
Tekken 6
Street fighter 3rd strike

i myself am a very casual player and only play at a beginner to an average level.
my PSN is PrinnyGal3000
due to work i barely go online and when i do it’s mainly at night.


I’m from the UK, looking for someone of similar ability that I can play regularly to help me improve.
I used to play sf4 and was ok ish with Balrog, however after a long break I’ve decided I want to try and learn the fundamentals and properly improve.
I’ve decided I’m gonna play as Guile, so if you fancy it I wouldn’t mind a sparring partner… maybe we could help improve each other?

psn: I-Z-O-N


sure i dont mind a sparring partner just keep in mind that i’m okay-ish at best.


Great :slight_smile:
I’ll add you tomorrow during the day.
I’m usually restricted to going online at nights or on Saturdays due to work, however I’m working funny shifts this week so will be on more during the day.