Issac Clarke: Dementia Patient with Ventilation Clearance

Come on, he’s in a psych ward for 3 years and nobody thought to revoke his clearance to the ventilation systems?

OK, first, copied from the Big Daddy thread,** hit effect quick guide:**

Butt-Drop: Opponent is forced to fall on their butt
Crumple: Opponent drops to their knee’s before entering a knockdown state
Eject Tornado: Sends the opponent spinning away from the attacker at a 45-Degree angle
Eject Spiral: Sends the opponent away from the attacker, pinwheeling through the air
Eject Roll: Opponent rolls along the ground at high speeds
Full Launch: Opponent is knocked straight up into the air
Guard Break: Blocking opponent is forced to stagger backwards, opening them up to attacks.
Kneel stagger: Opponent is forced to drop to one knee
Knockdown: Opponent is forced to lie flat on the ground for several moments
Launch; Any hit that sends the opponent into the air.
Mini-Launch Bounce: Opponent is bounced off the ground.
Mini-Launch Lift: Opponent is lifted into the air, peaking at full character height.
Sweep: Opponent is swept off their feet and slowly descents
Stagger: A prolonged hit stun
Twitch: Attack does not force opponent into hitstun
Wallbounce: Opponent is forced into a wallbounce
Freeze: Opponent is frozen in place for a brief moment
Shock: Character is held in place, just above the ground.

And a word on notation:

Attacks will be noted in the format “X.Y”.
X is the direction input Up(u), Down(d), Horizontal(h) or None(n).
Y is the button input Square(1), Triangle(2) or Circle(3).
Air attacks will be noted by “(a)X.Y”

Movelist Begins Here

Square attacks (x.1)

n.1, Plasma Cutter: Fires up to 3 shots if repeatedly tapped or held. If any horizontal directional movement is made, Issac will walk backwards or forwards and will fire one extra shot. Unsafe on block, 10 AP per hit.

d.1, Ground Pound: Issac shoots the ground with the Force Gun, creating a small blast in front and behind him that causes an Eject Spiral. Safe on block, but startup is around 0.7 seconds long. 20 AP on hit. Use the air version.

h.1, The boot!: Pressing the button once will punch, pressing it again will lead to a stomp/kick followup. Punch causes Knockdown and the kick causes an Eject Spiral. Punch is unsafe on block, 10 AP on hit. Stomp is 5 AP on hit, the kick is 15 AP on hit.

u.1, Hydraulic Eviscerator: An uppercut that causes a Mini-Launch Lift. Pressing the button twice will cause Issac to perform a followup slam the lifted opponent into the ground, causing Knockdown. Without the followup, this move can combo into itself. First hit is safe on block, the followup is not. Each hit is 10 AP each.

Air square attacks ( (a)x.1 )

(a)n.1, Air Plasma Cutter: Fires a single shot, 10 AP on hit. Hardly worth using.

(a)d.1, Air Ground Pound: Issac shoots the ground with the Force Gun, creating a small blast in front and behind him that causes an Eject Spiral. Safe on block, and with a small jump becomes active as quickly as the grounded version with the added benefit of mobility. 20 AP on hit.

(a)h.1, Plasma Cutter Swipe: Essentially the first attack of The Boot, but airborne and causes an Eject Spiral instead of Knockdown. Safe on block vs. grounded opponents, 20 AP on hit.

(a)u.1, Air Hydraulic Eviscerator: Same as the grounded version without the followup. Does 20 AP on hit.

Triangle attacks (x.2)

n.2, Stasis: Causes Freeze on hit, disappears after a short distance. 5 AP on hit.

d.2, Flame Thrower: 5-hit attack that affects the area immediately in front of Issac. Pretty much useless, 5 AP per hit.

h.2, Force Gun: Causes a Butt-Drop and a lot of knockback on anyone a short distance in front of Issac. Great move, comes out fast, good for combos and safe on block. 20 AP on hit.

u.2, Chain Gun: Issac fires 6 rapid-fire bullets at a 45-degree angle from the top of his torso. Good for combos/antiair, 25 AP if all 6 shots hit.

Air triangle attacks ( (a)x.2 )

(a)n.2, Air Stasis: Like Stasis, only airborne. 10 AP on hit.

(a)d.2, Air Flame Thrower: Not as useless as the grounded version, but still not that great. Can be used for jump-in combos or to just hold off people below you. 5 AP per hit.

(a)h.2, Air Force Gun: Second verse, same as the first! Still a great move, still 20 AP on hit.

(a)u.2, Air Chain Gun: Not as good as the grounded version. Last hit causes a Mini-Launch, the rest only cause Twitch. Last hit does 20 AP, any leading up to it only does 1 AP each.

Circle attacks (x.3)

n.3, Bouncing Bola: Aimable. Does 10 AP on hit, unsafe on block. If reflected off of a surface, does 20 AP on hit and a Butt-Drop, but still unsafe on block. This attack DOES travel through blocking players, so it might have some use in 2v2.

d.3, Detonator: Awesome move, similar to Sackboy or Big Daddy’s traps. Can be attached to the ground or to a wall, blasts opponents in whatever direction it’s facing. Stays on the field indefinitely, 20 AP on hit. Try to always have one of these out.

h.3, Suspended Ripper Blade: CANCELABLE! Fires a saw that travels a short distance from Issac and then suspends itself there. Causes a kind of beam effect between Issac and the point the blade suspends that will get you 10 AP. If an opponent comes into contact with the blade itself, they will be launched. First hit from launch is 10 AP, if they get juggled by the blade the second hit is 20 AP. Unsafe on block, but can be canceled into Force Gun to be made safe.

u.3, Incendiary Grenade: Issac fires a grenade in an upward arc. Great attack for combos, antiair or zoning. 20 AP on hit.

Air circle attacks ( (a)x.3 )

(a)n.3, Air Bouncing Bola: Like Bouncing Bola, only airborne. Same AP gain and reflection properties. It should be noted that it makes Issac fall MUCH more slowly during aiming.

(a)d.3, Air Detonator: Same as the grounded version, only airborne.

(a)h.3, Air Suspended Ripper Blade: Same as grounded version, except it cannot be canceled.

(a)u.3, Air Incendiary Grenade: Same as the grounded version.


Down: Causes a Mini-Launch Bounce, excellent way to set up combos, can combo directly into a level 2 Super.

Side: Causes Eject Tornado, sends opponent flying.

Up: Launces opponent, you can combo with Chain Gun or Incendiary Grenade afterwards pretty easily.


Note that I’ve tested these on Parapa and Toro, so they SHOULD work on everybody.

Into level 1 super:

Force Gun -> Suspended Ripper Blade -> Super lvl. 1

The timing on this is tight, but it seems to work on everybody. Just hold up and fire the moment you see that you have control of the cursor

Into level 2 super:

Down throw -> Super lvl. 2

Force Gun -> Super lvl. 2

Force Gun -> Suspended Ripper Blade -> (wait for second juggle to hit apex) Super lvl. 2

Detonator -> (wait for launch to reach apex) Super lvl. 2

Hydraulic Eviscerator -> Super lvl. 2

This is actually a really easy one to combo into, so I didn’t bother writing them all. If it seems like it will combo, it probably will.

you should work on some combos for this. It’d be really helpful