Issay GJ mixup

I’m sure most of you have seen Issay play. He has a really solid GJ mixup into command grab. He keeps pushing forward at a constant rate. Maybe I am mistaken but it seems like all he is doing is walk forward alternating between s.LP and c.LK. Either was he keeps right on them and can throw out a command grab whenever. I can’t really emulate this though. Is there something I’m missing to what he is doing?

I like Issei’s Yun, he does alot of kara’ing with him, mostly kara command grabs during the end of Genei Jin. As to how you can’t emulate how he plays, it just needs practice, you gotta be fast with the moves so you won’t leave much gap for the opponent to punish. I get alot my stuff off Issei and I can do all the pressuring strings he does, the S. Lp and Cr. Lk is good to keep them guessing when the command grab is, but sometime right after I do a S. Lp and Cr. Lk I go for a UOH into a launcher then I get my little juggle.

Just practice more and your Genei Jin strings will become natural for you once you activate.

Well, watching lots of Yun’s (including K.O), it seems like they are really confident their opponent will continue blocking and not try anything. They seem to keep relatively large gaps in their blocked GJ strings. Issay (am I spelling it wrong, thats how it appears in the KSK Ranbats) seems to keep the pressure on and sneak that command grab in really well. Probably one of my favorite yuns. Yeah, I noticed him doing some kara palms in a video. Very nice.

issay wins because he uses the pimped out all black yun.

different chains for different people.
just as a ken player adapts when to dash in, so must you adapt your GJ.
when in doubt, play it safe, ie, mash on short. just as ken mashes low middle kick.

or if you prefer, just as chun does d.jab, karathrow or low forward.

and don’t forget what mestor does, s.strong, s.short, karathrow.
do the short RIGHT AFTER the strong, like you would a karapalm., ownage.