Issue 0 colour preview pages plus news

Just found this over at Newsarama, apparently issue zero is gonna come with an exclusive free tading card from street fighter epic battles, plus it has some awesome lookin colour preview pages from the issue…

enjoy! lets hope tokyo gameshow also gives us some awesome news in the next couple of days :slight_smile:

HAHA! You beat me to posting this!

Anyone who wanna coment on it, feel free to go and post there too!

See that’s what i am talking about! The Darkstalkers style for SF. Alvin Lee has gotten a zillion times better. Bravo, can’t wait till this comes out.

yeah those preview pages do kick ass! sorry for bein so fast Udoneko, but I am constantly checkin for sf comic updates, can’t get enuff! :slight_smile:

I love seeing master gouken aswell, that character rocks, I hope someday he makes it into a game, somehow…

This is unbelievably beautiful.

I can not fucking believe people over at newsrama are talking shit about Udon.These ungrateful silly bastards are calling the free card a ‘gimmick’.It pisses me off,but i try to stay calm and remember these bumpkins are VERY IGNORANT and do not know much about how awesome and incredible that not only the comics are but the people who make them as well.Eric and co. have done nothing but listen to us,cater to us and give us what we want.Granted,it DOES make them a better company by listening to us,I mean ,Udon are huge fans and know their stuff,but we know our stuff too being huge Capcom geeks and all.But they could be like Marvel or any other comic or whatever company and not listen or talk or inform a single fan at all. Oh ,well,people suck.

WOW it looks awesome, it looks more like clips from an Anime then a comic, I LOVE IT!

I think the pollybag and card are going to hurt sales…if your trying to attract new reasons with a cheap jumping on point, you don’t take away there option of reading it or skimming through the book first! It’s a bad idea not just because of the extra cost involved (assuming Udon is paying for that) it’s a bad idea because it’s going to turn off potential new readers…

Well, if you feel that they are wrong, feel free tpo post there. The internet is just filled with such negativity that it seems the only people who would speak up are the ones that wanna bitch about it. It is easy to just go and bash people with no responsibility what so ever. I just wish more positive voices can be heard…

The book is actually offered to the retailers at a VERY low cost. So I guess most retailers would not have a problem opening a copy for their ciustomers to check out… thou, I admit that when I accept the offer from Score to do the pack in, I have not thought about this “browsing” issue…

Good Point! Eldor!

I’m picking up 5 coppies. Got them already reserved at my store.
I cant wait to see Gouken in action!!!

Okay,I posted over there. Now,Udoneko,when are the EXACT dates of SF1#O AND SF2#1 so I can be there to pick up my copies?

I do buy every cover and all power foils as well.Some don’t or can’t but some like to do this like myself.My request is please don’t stop making different covers and especially power foils( I really hope you get to make ALL playable characters into power foils)just because some people don’t like it.If some people DON’T like to buy different covers then simply DON’T,but don’t bitch about it and Tell Udon to stop doing it because there are people like me who like it.

I like the 2 cover option. I usually only get one or the other, but I like having the option. I don’t even consider the Power Foil an alternate cover, they seam more like mini prints. I do regret not getting the power foils in the past, they look great on a shelf next to there action figure counter part. But I’m not blind they are “gimmicks” to help slumping sales…Unfortunately if you aren’t DC or marvel you HAVE to have a gimmick. People won’t read good comics so you have to take advantage of the fan base that is available. I try to tell people that they should read SF, but most people are to “cool” to read “licensed garbage” :rolleyes:

Thank you, I hope retailers do have a preview copy available. I always suggest to anyone reading comics they owe it to themselves to read SF and Darkhorse’s Conan. SF and Conan are the only non DC books I read. :tup:

yeah , i must admit that book looks like a bargain, i was really surprised by how low the price was, and I hope it helps get more new readers! I’ll certainly be pushin it on all the guys in the office :slight_smile: And if i get a chance I’ll register at newsarama to show support over there, coz the pages really do look sweet.

The relaunch of the series is looking GOOD! :clap: :tup:


hells yes!!! thats what im talkin bout son. DYNOMITEEEEE!!

S’cuse me, I think I need a change of underwear after seeing these pages. And another drool bucket.

Goddamn, Erik. :tup:

i’ll get the bucket and i’ll change them for you :hitit:

Perv. :rofl:


Ever. And no.

People ARE entitled to their own opinions, you know. Not everyone will like the Street Fighter comic. You may think that Udon’s doing an awesome job, but others honestly believe that Udon is just trying to use gimmicks to survive in the comic world. While some will say they don’t like what Udon’s doing in a polite manner, others will complain for the dumbest things and even just be a pain in the rectum. :lame:

I mean, the comic’s good, yes, but I’m not exactly a fan who’s like “Oh my gosh! Street Fighter’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!”

NOTE that I myself once again am a fan of this comic. I just buy the comic because it’s a nice read and probably because I get to see some Cammy action :clap: . I’d like it to continue up to Third Strike with at least every character from the Issue 1 Group shot to make an appearance with talking and some action. I doubt that our country will even get the cards, probably just the comic (We never got the Capcom summer special). It doesn’t matter to me since I really don’t give a **** about the cards or whatever comes with it. I just want to read the comic and I shall wait patiently for its arrival.

The comics’ futures are looking good, anyway. Continue the good work for Street Fighter and Darkstalkers and best of luck in Rival Schools. :encore:

PS. And Artayes, you’re right about humans. Most are just plain bad.