Issue 10-11 poster

Issues 10-11-12 poster

Hello everybody,
I just fell in love with the wonderful drawing which will be the cover of the upcoming ussues #10-11-12, and was wondering if anybody had any news about it being turned into a poster yet.
I would buy so many i could carpet my whole house with them :clap:

where can I find cover 12?!

cover 12:

thnaks for the link! that cover look so cool…but besides being an awesome drawing, does it make sense? akuma + shadaloo gang = ?!

Why not? They all make up the big bosses of Street Fighter 2 though I get what you mean.

#12 cover is only the third part of the drawing
you can see the complete picture here

wo-ho-howwwwwwwwww now everything makes sense. Alpha people, SF 2 people, and bosses. AWESOME!!!

That shadowloo plus akuma picture is badass.I hope they come out with a poster of it. I will be deffinetly getting that cover.

Just putting in my vote to get these 3 issues made into a poster.

Don’t know if anyone is listening or even debating on doing this. I’ve got a number of SF posters and the like, but this one I would pay top dollar for. Just awesome…was hoping they’d put the bosses in.

Make This Poster!!!


In the new previews that came out yesterday it has that cover coming out as poster. It says it’s 14$ and the new previews items are suppose to ship in December.

It also has these pictures for upcoming covers to SF

I cut off the part under the second picture where it talks about that poster. I will be getting that poster for sure!

Hoy, Nathen, thanks for the good news !!
60"x18" !!! That’s gonna be huuuge !!
Can’t wait to get my hands on that poster, even though december seems soo far away…