Issue 14 the last issue?

I bought the Mexican version of SF and it ended just as Shadaloo ‘rebuilt’ Bison. It said to be continued and everything, but then there’s an editorial note saying it’s the last issue both in the US and Mexico. Does it really end there before the SF 2 tournament can begin???

wow wtf its like 5 years and they only made it to 14 issues? or did they restart at sum point.

5 years? can’t be… I was in the states like 2 years ago and the issues of Ryu and Ken facing Akuma with Sakura watching behind a tree was still new.

I think they just mean that it’s the end of the ‘Street Fighter’ series. It then starts up again called ‘Street Fighter II.’ SF2 Issue 4 is on it’s way here in the states.

Ah… so now I’ll have keep an eye out for ‘Street Fighter 2’. Hopefully they take it all the way to SF3. Only issue 4 so far? Man, how long of a haitus was it between issues?

After issue 14 they took a six month break before they kicked off SF2.

Make sure you keep an eye out for Street Fighter II issue zero that came out before SF2 started.