Issue 2 Cover Oddness


Hi Guys, has anyone seen this cover for sale anywhere?

Does it even exist or is it some prototype thingy???

Also, I have 5 Versions of Issue 0 (San Diego, Toronto, Wizardworld and the Two Dynamic Forces Covers) and 6 Issue 1’s (2 Regular Covers, The 2nd Printing, 2 Dynamic Forces and the Holofoil Cover) Anyone know if theres any more? Cheers Guys! :slight_smile:


That’s the second printing cover for issue 2.


Ah, Excellent! Cheers!


whats the point of second printings having different covers? sry but i really liked the first printing of sf#2 covers and i don’t much care for this one…


Personally, I think it looks like shit.

Trust me, if your gonna get the second issue go with the Cover A artwork. It’s way the hell better, plus it’s cheaper.


That Cammy cover looks tight as hell. Obviously you guys don’t know anything about drawing.


Ok i understand some of the distaste for multiple covers, but it’s not cool if it turns into hate. I mean, the entire guts of the comic is the same, the only thing that’s different is the cover. Yeah, so you didn’t get that dope Vega cover you wanted. It sucks. But think of it this way, if they had only put out one cover, there would be 50/50 chance that the one you wanted would never have even been made.

I mean, chill out! It’s more artwork for us to enjoy. Plus in the case of covers, we’re talking artwork that gets the most amount of time spent on it and is perfect for making into a poster or folder cover or whatever other neat thing you wanna do with it.

I like certain characters in the SF universe. Why wouldn’t i want them to be illustrated by as many TOP artists as possible just so i have more artwork to enjoy? Aren’t there any characters you want to see more of? Well, with multiple covers, that’s just that much more chance that you will get to see them! And personally, i think the new Cammy cover looks awesome.


woah sry if i offended anyone but i just wanted to know why do they make a special cover for seconed printing and not just make 4 varient covers (a through d) and continue those covers instead of making the first print covers “retired” or whatever so you only get to chose from 1 if you missed the fisrt? makes a helluva lot more since to me. sry if me saying the 2nd cover wasn’t that great was seen as hate (unless you were talking to liquid) and i wasn’t trying to start an argument or anything just giving my opinion. also majestro if they weren’t created they wouldn’t know what they were missing. well sorry again


Regarding second printing, it is a case of supply and demand.

When we first launch the SF comic, we do not know what to expect. As a marketing guy that has been working in the industry for years, I estimated that it can hit as high as Transformers or GI Joe can hit (60-70K) becoz SF has a 15 year fan base. However, on the “dark” side, we have retailers that knows NOTHING but Superhero Comics or has been burnt by the Malibu Sf books that they would think this is just yet another crappy license book that is like the last leg of the 70’s TV Cartoon craze (you know, after TF & GIJoe, everything else has pretty died down).

I have to say when I get the first issue initial orders in, we are quite disappointed that it does not even hit 1/2 of what we estimated. So we analyse the situation, and set a print run that will leave some books for reorder but not excessive that will kill us in printing cost.

Same as issue 2, we gotta set everything before we even know how issue 1 sold. Before EVERYONE knows exactly how issue 1 sold. That is the system of US comic distribution. Things are done 3 months in advance. Retailers order #1 totally based on their confidence of the art team, the title, etc. And the same as #2, because when the orders are due for #2, #1 has not even been shipped to stores yet.

The reality of how popular SF is kicks in when SF1 comes out. Also thanks to everyone here that we all spread the word before hand, more store owners now understands that his SF comic is something unlike the typical licensed titles out there. Now they know there is a bigger fan base to this. And they very quickly bought out all the extra copies printed of #1, & 2.


I am more confident now that I believe my estimation can be right. This title can potentially hit 60K. I mean, (although some of you do not like GamePro) we did a 400K preview insert with Game Pro. That should spark some interest… We have so many fans here that will tell other friends about this comic…
the market should be expanding!

Therefore, we gotta go to a second printing to make sure we accomodate to this expansion. We gotta make sure that #1, & 2 are still available so when #3 comes out, people who have missed the early issues can still get them and read them and get hooked. This is the only way we can gain more readership. No one is gonna pick up an issue 3 when they cannot find issue 1 & 2.

So we go back to press on #1 & 2. And we did it with a new cover, to distinguise it clearly from the first printing, which is a pretty standard practice to keep the value of the first printing intact.

Issue 3, we are more comfortable to print a bit more than we have on #1 & 2. We cannot print TONS more, but the extra first print run will be increased in hopes to accomodate the demands.


well speaking of covers…will there be anymore of these special “power foil” kinds for other issues? i kno foil covers are usually for the first issue…but…u kno…in case there are others…i’d like to kno so i can reserve them…



Hey, this was supposed to ship today according to diamond’s ship list.

Does any one know what the situation is?

Was I just going to the wrong places?


As far as I was told, it is indeed shipping this week to stores.


what was shipping? the seconed printing of #2?