Issue 5, 6 & 7 schedule

Just got confirmation that Feb 11 IS the shipping date of issue 5. We are trying to ship the Shinkiro Power Cel cover with the 2 regular covers and the cel cover takes longer to make (its a 2 layer thing, you will know what I mean when you see it!). I got the print proofs in and I am VERY pleased with the result! I am sure all of you will too!

A little heads up for issue 6 - it will be shipped mid March. Reason being is Arnold and Alvin went nuts on the Ken/Ryu VS Akuma fight. And we keep on throwing away pages becoz we are not that happy with them. This is the fight that we are all looking forward to. And I know some of you complains that all fights so far has been kinda short, and I am telling you this one will start from page one and won’t end till page 18! And we are adding pages to this making this issue 24 pages of interior art in total, plus your regular Cheap Shot by Rey and other editorial pages.

Between 6 & 7, we have the big poster, the 2 busts, and the handsome Trade Paperback.

Then issue 7 will be shipped (thru new publisher Devil’s Due) end of April, with 28 pages of main story, 3 page new Cheap Shots on-going, the back up guest story, winners of the second round art contest announced, and other editorial stuff.

Hey, don’t throw those pages away. Put them up on Ebay and you’ll have enough to finance the comic for another year or so ^_^.

Ya, I would have bought that unused art for sure!
And wait, there was a second round of the art contest? Who won the first?

one of you guys win the first. It will be announced in issue 5!!! with 3 runner ups and a whole bunch of honorable mentions.

So Feb 11th, you will know!!!

ahh I see…any word on what the theme of the next contest is so we can have a head start on the deadline? :smiley:

This is Excellent news:cool: . For the first time Newsarama has been wrong with the shipping date. Oh well, atleast its Finally confirmed. Good stuff…

I hope Sagat doesn’t get mistreated in #5. Hopefully the fight won’t finish with Ryu the victor…

2nd art contest? I didn’t even know the first one ended. What’s the theme for the 2nd one? And where can I see the previous submissions?

No specific theme on the second one actually. The first one we cut it off when we have to send out the files of issue 5 to the printer, and the winners will be announced in that issue. The second one will be cut off when we have to send off the files to the printer for issue 7 (which is about mid March), and anything submitted to us after will be considered for round 3 which will probably be announced in issue 9.

I wonder if there’s going to be a Gen vs. Akuma matchup anytime soon.

here’s a backup story i like to see.

a Final Fight back up story for Cody and Guy.

The Shinkiro cover looks beautiful, but every time i see Guile on that cover, painful memories of that really, really… really bad Van Damme Street Fighter movie come flooding back. It’s a shame really because it’s such a cool cover, oh well.

ONE OF US!!!???

(sano fients. The excitement was too much.)

Did SFMC join? If yes… then, well…

Heh…just do what I do and pretend that movie doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:

It does exist, and it is awesome. Better than the game, even. Chun Li as a cop? No way. Chun Li as a reporter? Way more believable. Van Damme and Raul Julia are at their wire-flying comical bests. Honda being whipped while the hawaiian music played, and the fight between Honda and Zangief in the mini-town was gold. GOLD I SAY! Nobody gives this movie the comic credit it deserves. Accuracy is overrated when it comes to entertainment.

Waiting for Wednesday

Alright! I’m excited about the issue due out next week. And the fanart will finally be posted? Great stuff. I’m sure the featured pieces will be great.

Finally, ‘that movie’ is definately comical:lol: The only bad thing is that it wasn’t intended to be. :confused: agh, so goes. Most of us have forgotten about it now haven’t we?!