Issue 5 Cover art!


You have seen the SHINKIRO cover, now here’s the rest -

SF#5 Solicitation Ad.



That Alvin Lee cover…too good…


Man that is the first time I think I will buy all 3 covers.



Yayyyy !!! A Shinkiro cover !!!


very nice :cool:


Man all the covers are off the chain, wall, and hook. Kim is doing the back story and b cover? I was just thinking about that the other day and bam wow. Now I am not worried about getting a wack cover for no. 5 now.


Man, I love Cover A. Too bad it’s still a few months away before I can get my hands on it.

Keep 'em coming!



do you know how much the power cel will cost?I really like it.


Hey Udoneko, I’ve noticed that with Issues 3, 4, and now 5 there are only 2 covers + limited foil covers (add one more I guess counting second print covers). Is this gonna be standard practice now, or are you guys gonna do 3 covers again like issues 1 and 2?


Id rather them keep it to two cover, because it just makes more sense.

Cover A = Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, or who is ever doing the comic interior.

Cover B = The guest artist cover.

Power Cel/Special Cover = Whoever wants to do it, it be cool if it would always be a Capcom artist, ie Bengus, Akiman, Edayan, Shinkiro, etc.

A third artist makes no sense, ie for issue #2 it seemed pointless to have J.Scott Campbell, especialy since he didnt do anything for the issue, and that he’ll just have to do another cover if he ever does a back up story.

I guess you could aurgue more variety is better, but the above is cheaper and more sensable.


Though it was pointless, Udoneko said people would buy just cause J. Campbell was did the cover.


Thats true but Id rather them of just saved that cover till Campbell did a back up story.

Plus alternate covers are what killed the comic market in the early 90’s, so UDON may wanna keep the alternate covers to a limited amount. Not saying they shouldnt do alternates, just dont do too many.


Hyung-tae Kim. Too good! Definitely my favorite Korean artist.

Jo Chen, everyone’s favorite.

Maybe try to get Christina Chen on this as well? And more Joy Ang too!


Who’s Christina Chen? Do you have an URL or something?

And has Joy Ang done any professional work? I know she did some of the Street Fighter promo stuff, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything else. Unless she’s included in the general UDON credits for books they colour or whatever.

Unless she does the covers for Runaway…but I always thought that was Joe Chen.

But yes, I agree - more of everything.

Anyway, regarding the topic…the picture doesn’t work for me, which is understandable since I’m resurrecting a dead thread. But are covers for issues 3, 4, and 5 available at xfan? Or are they the solicitation splash pages featuring all three?

Because I would love to see the original covers at suitably high resolution - and it would be even sweeter without the title. I don’t think you guys at UDON have a Street Fighter gallery up, and I sometimes have trouble with the site. So I’m usually left without some sweet cover images.

Unless Arnold Tsang or Alvin Lee have personal sites I don’t know about.

Great work on all Marvel/Image/Devil’s Due/Anarchy work, by the way. I’m pumped for Kaare Andrew’s back-ups for issue #4 - I love that guy. Glad you got such top tier art connections.


can anybody link the pics again? i missed em…


if im not mistaken like last time, christina chen is part of the duo chen sisters consisting of her sister jo and herself, they both worked at dreamwave for a period of time on a book called dark minds, one does the drawing the other colors, im not sure which one does which… im not sure if still has her stuff on there site , am i wrong TAS?