Issue 7 Preview


Since it doesn’t appear to be on here yet, I’ll do the honors of posting the preview.

Let me be the first to say…FEI LONG and DR CAMMY IN THE SAME ISSUE!!!



LOO! You beat me to the post! YES! Issue 7 preview is up! U will see the whole Delta Red crew! And Fei Long!


Wow, it’s going to be 4.50 for a 48 page issue? That’s great news. :smiley:


Delta Red! Sweet! I absolutely love the way they drew Ginzu!

Oh yea… er, if it’s not too late, here’s a quickie something for Udon if they care (although I honestly don’t really care either way, Udon cared a lot about various details with character outfits for that Issue #1 coverspread so I guess I should bring up this one, too)

Luwanda’s Delta Red uniform is actually different from Cammy’s. Luwanda has pants (she also has a friggin’ humongous knife but I don’t know what the heck that’s used for so eh).

snicker This is the second time where Cammy’s pantsless antics have caused a mistake to make the pants of her team mates dissappear. remembers Juni and Juli in that first cover spread draft

Hmm… I wonder what that thing on Ginzu’s head is.


so… when will it be out? late april? or early may?


ah man, those previews look hot:eek: cant wait til the issue comes out and im hoping to atleast be able to get the powerfoil ryu cover. shinkuuuuuuuhadouken:p


Release dates need to be more clear (perhaps posted a month in advance) so us fans can budget our spending beforehand. :slight_smile:

So which covers are you guys going to get? The Ryu foil looks amazing, but since it’s a thicker issue and the standard covers cost more, I’d imagine the foils will also. I’m gonna go with the first cover in the preview… if I got a little extra $, I may get the second, also; can’t say it isn’t sweet.



Um, you’re only half right. Luwanda wears tights… on her right leg. Her left leg is exposed like Cammy’s. So Udon’s portrayal is accurate, at least on the preview pages.


Luwanda has one leg covered and one leg exposed… that is what I see her lower body in the reference that we got…

EDIT - I replied this before I read Gojira’s post!


THat Ryu cover = :eek: thats hot


If I don’t get the Cammy and all SF char. covers I am gonna be angry! And the preview page of Sal’s art doesn’t really look bad. I was a little worried because the cover he did does not seem up to his usual standards.


Are they named cover A, B, and C from left to right? I was under the impression that the Cammy one was cover A.


am I the only one that noticed that Salvador Larroca’s name is spelled wrong on the cover and whenever it’s mentioned? it’s suppose to be two R’s, one C. :confused:


Oops, sorry. Guess that’s what I get for not looking more closely at… at…

looks more closely at all the pictures

…did Capcom change her outfit for Revival or something? I’m positive that that’s at least a partial legging there in the Revival pic (although on closer look, it does get cut off above the knee halfway down the thigh… I think. Darn limited GBA color pallete). Of course, due to Ginzu, it’s impossible to tell if it’s that way in that official artwork, although there’s no partial legging in the SSF2Turbo ending pic, so it was probably just Revival. Hmm… Strange :confused:


It must have been changed to satisfy Nintendo!

“Oh no! You can’t have her outfit like that, it looks like her pants are coming off! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!”


omfg!!! :eek: cammy!! fei long!! back story art!!! ryu cover!! cammy cover!!! :smiley: cant freakin wait!! 48 pages!!! hells yeah!!! back story art looks hot!! marvel artist huh? awsome :cool:


yeah man hold on to your socks, Sal Larroca is one of THE BEST artists in all of comics. I been waiting for this for months


Question: Is the story of white headbanded Ryu and Ken the story that Kia Asamiya originally going to do for issue 3 before he got sick?

Will Kia Asamiya ever do some art for the comic? I really like his artwork.


Yes, that is the story that was supposed to be done by Asamiya Sensei.

Unfortunately, Asamiya Sensei has to catch up with all the work after his sickness and cannot commit to anything yet. Therefore, we switch the story to Salva.


Thanks. I’ve been wondering about Asamiya for a while now.