issue 9 date

has it come out yet, or when will it be out.

srry about asking but i missed issue 8 when it came out, i didnt even realize it.

Diamond comics said it was supposd to ship this week according to their list last week, but Street Fighter isn’t on the list for this week, so who knows.

I think it’s coming this week; unless if my local store’s list is wrong. I’ll definitely be checking.:smiley:

Its down on our stores list for this week in the uk.

i checked midtown comics and they did,nt have it for this week. They had the new devil may cry though for this week.

Guess it won’t be for this week; rats.:bluu:

the streetfighter crew need to get there act together all these delays over some big block buster issue that most non hardcore streetfight fans won’t even get is ridiculous. i hope this comic doesn’t become another nyx cause we all saw how delays drove that excellent comic to the chopping block.

Still don’t know when the issue is out but you can see a 5 page preview at Good Adon vs. Ryu scene and a funy Sakura scene

Whos the artist in the Adon/Ryu stuff?

As you know now, the delay is NOT because of the summer special, but because we have been working on the next Capcom Game doing the endings.

We are trying our best to get things back on track as much as we can. But it would not be something that can be done overnight.

After viewing the preview of #9 at devil’s due, I can say it looks like it will be worth the wait. The fight between Ryu and Adon is awesome thus far… SAKOTSU WARI!!! And it looks like Adon is preparing for a Jaguar Tooth as the preview ends hehe…

Can’t wait to see the back-up story. Its lookin’ really good.