Issue 9 Discussion and Spoilers

It’s finally here!

I must say, the backup is quite impressive, and I love the layout for LeSean’s cover. Mad props on the slick design.

Ryu vs. Adon was a great fight. Yes, it was similar to the style of the Alpha movie, but in a good way. :lol: at Adon falling for the old low forward to fb trick.

Chunners vs. Fei Long was comedy gold.

I thought it was a good issue i was a little confused by the Tiger Uppercut at the end but i sorted out why i was confused.

Good issue i hope LeSean does some more work in the future.

Sakura goes cuckoo for hadou +3
Three more dolls appear +3
Ryu cr. fw -> hadoken +5
Chun Li and Fei Long footsies +1
Decapitiation like whoa +3
Long backup story +1
"Oh, snap." +2
No Kei -1

Total: 17

That cover is excellent. The design, colour, and “Street Fighter” written using that cool font makes it look like as if this issue were some special milestone issue.

I thought the backup story was good. It is very evident that Lesean put in a lot of time and effort into the pencils and I liked the colouring. I also like how Sagat is portrayed as an honourable person.

I’d like to know how that Shadaloo rescue team broke into MI6 and how they were able to retrieve the prisoner - I thought she was held seven levels underground?

The Chun Li, Fei Long bit was amusing. Though, I didn’t think the movements (kicks, etc) of the characters were drawn as nicely as in previous issues.

I like the Adon fight with Ryu. I’m impressed they remember that Adon has that multi punch version of his super.

I never expected the decapitation at the end.

Should of had Ryu do d.MK into Shoryuken. Then we could have Sakura say “sho, sho, sho…” [CvS2 inside joke]

the issue was really good, it’s been too long. i only hope that they don’t go too far on a tangent with the Triad stuff tho. even tho i like the 2 triad chicks, i just hope that they don’t wander from the real story/chars too much.

This is easily one of my favorite issues yet.
They managed to capture Adon down to a T. Brash, egotistical, and uses way too much selected memory. (Still holding Sagat’s loss against him, even though Ryu soundly defeated Adon as well)

And the Fei Long scene was indeed classic. Funny, cool, and how can you not like the Game of Death jumpsuit?

Only thing I don’t get was why Dee Jay was helping the dolls. Maybe that’s what I missed from that old Newtype story I never bothered to see, but since when did he become a Bison slave?

This was Ryu and Adon’s first match in the comic. They never fought in this continuity’s Street Fighter tourney.

Thought the issue was awesome. Sakura is turning out to be pretty funny. I laughed when she said Hadoken was a cool word and she said it over and over again, making Ryu a little annoyed. Nice to see brainwashed Dudley working for Bison, although I bet a lot were confused if they hadn’t read the newtype story. Cool Adon and Ryu fight. Also, finally a little explanation as to what that “goop” thing on Ginzu is. It seems he’s(it?) some kind of high-tech computer program. The apearance of the Chinese Dolls was awesome. So ruthless. Here’s hoping we get a cool vs match betwen Xiayu/Xanyu and Fei/Chun. Come on Udon. In the newsarama preview you said Chun would be kicking ass in Hong Kong. I’m ready and waiting because the Chun/Fei fight has already left me wanting the real thing :slight_smile:
When that happens the only thing I’ll need is my luscious Rose to make another appearance.

yikes, I’m behind. (apparently needs to run out and get issue 9 now!!)

Great issue.

I got the Balrog (Vega) cover! Too damn good! His eyes look a bit wierd, but overall it’s mad sexy. I’ve been waiting for this cover for a LONG time… lol, I was the guy who asked if I could buy the Balrog (Vega) lithograph at SDCC.

Apart from nitpicks with the Cammy part, and the switching of artists mid-issue being very pause in reading overall, it was a very very good issue.

Sagat was a BEAAAST in the BG story! Getting beatdown by Adon, WITHOUT defending, and still being ok! Then blammo, Champion Edition Tiger Uppercut! (We all remember how much damage that took off…!!)

Good job!

well I must say that i didnt like that delta red part at all. Seems pretty lame, but oh well. Chunli vs. feilong is funny comedy, not a very good fight scene, but feilong sure did curse out chunli pretty bad:lol: now the Ryu vs. adon fight kick ass. Sakura seriously was acting like adon himself right there. She needs a ass whooping:cool: though i did like that remark on her when she couldnt unleash the hadouken:lol:

and damn, how many panties did i see in that issue:cool:

Dee Jay, not Dudley. Dudley is too dignified to be brainwashed by gutter trash like Bison :wink:

NUMBER 9 WAS EXCELLENT, if all the comics after nine are like that one then i will be creaming my pants excessively every month, keep it up pleaseeeee

Man, I loved this issue!! I give it 9.0 out of 10!! Great Job Udon. I knew that all you guys needed was our support and time. And this is the result! A great great issue! I’m glad you guys made Shadaloo do something with Deejay!! Cuz in the street fighter games, he hardly even has a story…

Anyhow, I am pleased that I got this issue. very excellent job. I knew this issue would be good! issue 8 was an hint of that! now I can tell issue 10 will be just as exciting.

the ending was great! The two dolls Xiayu and Yanyu look great. Love the costumes. and the head cutting was icing on the cake.

Anyhow, UDON are the right guys to do this comic. And I say this with lots of happiness.

Hey, how can Ryu not know Adon? Ryu was in the first Street Fighter tournament! Adon was his fight right before Sagat!

Oh well.

Possibly ,Ryu did not fight Adon in the street fighter 1 tournament and they just never saw or met each other .Remember,Adon knew of Ryu because of what he did to Sagat,but then again,when Ryu sees Adon in thailand,adon automatically reconized him.So I guess Adon has seen him before,maybe witnessed him fight Retsu or something.Anyways,I do hope udon shows us the fights that went on during that tournament and a huge request from me to show a backup of how DeeJay was captured and brainwashed by shadowloo.

I’m actually surprised Adon recognized Ryu without the character-defining slippers.

Awesome issue Udon! Needs more Van Damme though.

I’d just like to say that was by far the best Cheap Shots ever. I was cracking up @ the comic shop. Great job.

A really good issue, I think there really wasn’t anything wrong with it at all. The quality from Tsang,Lee, and LeSean was great. He truly captures the brooding but honoring persona of Sagat. The layouts for the pages were simply awesome. Looks as if Kinu Nishimura’s influence is helping not only with CFJ endings but in the comics also. I wish Udon lots of luck with their extended 5-year contract and the projects that will ensue thereof.

Note to any about the Fei-Long/Chun…it was simply supposed to be a comedic scene, there was no need to make an extreme fighting scene, the impact was felt in the dialogue not in the fight. The fight was secondary to the script. It would’ve made no sense for Chun to just go to the back of the room and press Back+Fierce until her meter was full and wait for Fei to twitch and do Low Forward XX Houyoku-Sen :lol:

Obviously theres a side story happening with the triads that gives a rest between creating a frenetic pace of the story. Chill out, I’m sure things will turn crazy in the next issue.

Considering that Adon was supposed to be number two below Sagat, Ryu would have to fight him to reach Sagat. Unless Adon is a pussy in the comics…