Issue with FA and Grab not working

I just wired up some new seimitsu buttons to my xbox 360 pcb (latest model)

At the moment i only have the left and right buttons, along with the A,B,X,Y and start buttons wired.

I plugged it in for the 1st time last night to see how well everything was going to work.

First I had to change the left button to hard punch, and right button to hard kick

So i am testing out, everything is going smoothly…

EX moves execute fine, 3 kicks, 3 punches are the same.

Taunt works as well…



i can spam punches and kicks all night long, with no abnormal actions like a punch changes from light to medium or some bs that i searched.

I could post pictures later tonight of how i have everything grounded.

PLZ help asap

you wired up the LT and RT or the LB and RB?

and which controller are you using?

on the mad catz retro one, you wanna be sure that the LT and RT buttons are set to ‘neutral’ which basically means to turn the pot (or whatever it’s called) so that it is lined up like in the diagram on the slagcoin one.

i know when i put together my last ps3/xbox360 mod, that the L/R on the PS3 controller would not work properly until I made certain the LT and RT were set to neutral on the XBOX360 controller. kind of strange side effect but I had to set it to neutral on 360 to fix the ps3 side of things.

i took off the left and right triggers, so there is nothing at all activating them on the pcb

its an official xbox360 controller from microsoft that is wired.

and its the left button and right buttons…

I just took a look at how the inputs are read when i plug it into my laptop

when i use the shoulder buttons, it recognizes it as button 5 and 6

when i use the buttons (current way of how i have it wired) when i use lp and lk it notices it as 2&3 and mp and mk is read as 1&4

out of curiosity, how are other peoples buttons set up…i dont have an xbox at the moment to test this out, but im thinking that if i swap the wires from the mk and lk that it may solve my problem…only a hunch tho

my buttons read as this

LP = 3
mp = 4
hp = 5

lk = 2
mk = 1
hk = 6

When you say you removed the triggers, did you remove the potentiometer, or just the plastic parts of the trigger? Do you have FA and throw mapped to the triggers in the game? If you go into the options and map LT and RT to “no function” does that fix your problem?

I just ran into a similar problem with a new 360 pad hack. If you removed the trigger pots from the PCB then you need to connect the signal point(middle trace) to a ground point. If you did not remove the pot, make sure that they are zero-ed out correctly.