Issue with Madcatz TES+


Hello, I recently bought a Madcatz TES+ and I’m having an issue with the LB/R2 button being shown as always being pressed. It seems like this person had a similar problem and concluded that defective diodes were causing the buttons to stay active.

I wanted to ask if anyone knew which specific diode might be causing my problems, or had any other advice, before I get to randomly guessing which diode to desolder. Thanks in advance!


You can track down the faulty diode following the wires.

But you can and should remove every single one of them as they are not necessary, and they could die any day.

Target only the ones associated with an input.
They should be labeled “Dxx” (D for diode, and xx being a number)


For R2, it’s the diode D13 that needs to be removed.