Issue with SFiv Arcade stick on PS3



I am having an issue with the SFiv Arcade stick on PS3. The issue is with the X button, it is occasionally unresponsive.

At first I thought it was a connection issue with the button, but I noticed after using it for a while the issue would go away. Specifically it seems to mainly have the issue when a wireless pad is active at the same time, but if the pad goes to sleep and powers off then the issue either lessens or goes away completely. Basically it ignores most of my presses of the X button, maybe 1/10 presses work. With the pad asleep it either works completely fine or will have brief spats of working about 50/50.

I have not tried a different USB port yet, but this was going to be my first troubleshooting step.

Borrowing this stick from a friend, stick didn’t do this on his ps3.