Issue Zero


I can’t find this damn Issue Zero book anywhere. Made up of 9 pages of story and “extensive character profiles” I’d like to see it. Anyone posting images or summaries or anything would help satisfy my curiosity for this sweet new street fighter book.


Heh heh heh… Yeah my friend Jet 3000 picked one up for me when he went to snag one for himself… (Heh Thanks Jet)… It’s a pretty bad ass little comic for sure, not to mention its future value… It’s got a nice little segment with Evil Ryu, and the character profiles are done nicely (however I don’t care too much for the art of the character’s “profiles”)… Doesn’t look Capcom style… But the rest of the art is kick-ass as always…


yea if you go to ebay you could pick one up for a decent price. or just wait for it when the popularity is dead and get it cheaper.


IMO, Zangeif from issue zero looks a toy soldier? like those figures from the movie “Small Soldiers”:rolleyes:


My friend and I both picked up a copy of the Wizard World exclusive issue #0 for $12 at the comic shop. This was one of 3,000 limited copies. It has a white background with Akuma on it.:smiley:


I finally picked one up for $6. It was all sealed with some holographic sticker of authenticity. Kind of a rip off if you ask me. The 9 page back up story was cool, but the profiles were weak ass sauce, looked like they were straight out of a crappy chapionship edition gamepro.