Issues 10-12

I heard that the covers for issues 10-12 will make this sweet looking cast photo when put side by side…the udon guys making on selling this as a poster or anything? if not, they really should :cool:

Poster? maybe…

U wanna see the whole thing colored? Goto the latest Newsarama Coverage -


And more DS & RS previews!!!

…In the article it said artwork for an RPG…are you guys drawing artwork for an Street Fighter RPG!?

Edit: nvm…I just found out its not

I definately agree with the poster idea. I don’t have any comic-related posters, so this one would be my first, but I’d definately get it. I like it much better than the first poster with Issue #01B on it.

If Udon decides to make a poster, please have it ready by Wizard World Chicago, because I just got my ticket today! :slight_smile:


Also, the article in the link says the Street Fighter story in the Summer Preview will “take place shortly after the death of her (Chun Li’s) father.” I was under the impression that this would take place between issues #6 and #7, so it’d so of be like Arc 2’s issue #0?


God, what a kickass poster that would be… seriously. Do it, Erik.

By the way, is there a bigger version of this pic (joined covers #10-12) available? Or at least a bigger version of the last image (#12 cover)?

Bitchin!:smiley: Finally, we get to see it full! However, its so small.:frowning:

Fantasy comes Alive with DS, can’t wait!:cool:

Riva Schools is to Street Fighter as X-men is to New mutants. Love how ur putting Karin in the story, since she is the ken to Sakura’s Ryu persona. Batsu looks great, it remind of the manga Project Arms

Lots of SF merchandise mentioned, but the surprise remains secret(U Sly Devil) :cool: :lol:

I was hoping the Sf story would lag little more show at least R. mika and the Final Fight fighters. Also I hope the tourney doesn’t end in six issues, Because that where the story get really intense!And I’m hoping that the Sf-verse won’t end in just 4 volumes.:slight_smile:

Also its good to hear that ur doing new titles other than Capcom I hope Last Shot will return as one of ur titles.:cool:

you know what would be nice, if that poster was a holo foil.

hey udon have you ever thought about making a 3D cover. You know an issue that comes with 3D glasses, and the cover is 3D. I think that would make a cool cover.

I also mention this in another thread, but make a cover with the intro from super sf2turbo, the one with ryu making a hadoken towards the screen. I dont know whats its called but when you look at in different angel you see a different image of ryu doing a fireball.

A holographic cover would nice too, the one they use on x-men cards and stuff. just ideas

Points to Akuma in the corner WHOO! AKUMA! Why is he hanging out with Bison though? Should have extended the cover to another page, with Akuma hanging out all by his lonesome self. :smiley: I agree with the poster idea, very hot. I’d buy it in a second.

udoneko: I will paypal you $5 for a highres version of that poster image!

Also, is that Fei Long or did Chun Li somehow wind up in Game of Death?

GO OMAR!!!:cool:

Adding Karin to RS makes sense, i guess. She wont get any real exposure in SF, right?

And im sorry, but the quote below (about Morrigan) is just silly:

I guess theyve never heard of Mai Shiranui. Morrigan doesnt have nearly as many fans as Mai, and only serious gamers (most of them hardcore fighting fans) know her. The correct quote would be “[…]Capcom fighting game character”.

Ask any casual player who Morrigan is and theyll have no idea. Not even a single one of my friends know the Darkstalkers. At best, they would remember seeing her in one of the crossovers.

I’m liking the expansion of UDON’s Capcom line. But I wonder, how do you thing those series will sell. If Street Fighter is the most recognizable fighting game property and is tip-toeing the line between profitable and unprofitable, how will two lesser known, lesser popular games do in the open market. I love Darkstalkers and Rival Schools, and can’t wait to pick up their series, but I don’t think they’ll do as well as Street Fighter in the long run.

Your idea with the Ryu from the intro of SSF2T has been done… check out - I noticed this myself a couple days ago. I still agree this would look awesome on a holofoil, but just the fireball part.

I don’t know about the poster being in foil though. I think that would kind of ruin the art, as I like it how it is. It would also increase the price of the poster significantly, and I don’t think it’d even make it cooler.

As for 3D, I think it’s way overrated. I have little brothers and I bought them Spy Kids 3D, and the 3D was really lame (as was the whole movie). Anyhow, I think having to have to put on 3D glasses (which I’d feel dumb doing) just to admire a cover would not be be worth it.


I’ve never even heard of Mai Shiranui. However, I have heard of Morrigan before, and I have seen her image around before playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (a game with her in it). I’ve also never read Darkstalkers before, nor am I a huge gamer… I don’t even think I’d be considered a gamer. Is Mai Shiranui from Tekken?


Mai is from Fatal Fury of SNK.

She is also a well know female fighter and she has the most revealing outfit of all 3 fighting queens (Chun Li, Morrigan, and Mai, I mean.) :wink:

Seems to me that in terms of popularity it’d be something like Chun Li > Cammy > Mai > Morrigan. I think it’s pretty reasonable to list Chun Li first. After that it’s all kind of up in the air and open for discussion. I think Cammy’s next only cuz she’s from Street Fighter II, which is probably the only classic fighting game most current GTA3 fans would recognize. I agree with Time_Stop that Mai is prolly more popular than Morrigan, but it was a minor point and not really one worth getting into an argument over.

udoneko: No deal huh? Hm … guess i can wait till you guys release a solicitation for the poster or something. Just so you know, i only go after highres images so much because i’m a big fan of simplicity and open space. So i try not to clutter my little apartment with too much stuff, like posters and such. I just keep all my SF stuff stored in a box and it’s really the digital artwork (like the covers and rough previews you release) that i look over most often and value most. The poster would look awesome though. If it ever comes out, i’ll buy it and keep it safe for when i have a house and enough money to make a mini-arcade room.

DAMN!! That colored image of the cast is so damn nice. Udon better be smart and release it as a poster!

Ooo, sweet. I love the art to this.


Does this mean that RS is actually officially in the same universe as SF? ^^ has been spotting… mixed evidence for that

U still using the same e-mail you send stuff to me before?

You’ve NEVER heard of Mai Shiranui?? Damn…You foreign or something?