Issues connecting online on Xbox USF4

We were testing to see if XBox ultra Street Fighter 4 was backwards compatible. And it was sort of.

When I’m playing I noticed I’m on version 1.06 and when my friend was playing he was on version 1.12. and I could ask find anything in the menu for updating version 1.06 to version 1.12. I thought maybe unlocking compatibility packs would bring it up to 1.12

maybe I forgot to download an update because I had that hard drive trouble and bad internet.

Maybe he was playing on an Xbox One while mine is playing on an Xbox 360 and it’s not completely backwards compatible.

I noticed something similar in Contra for Xbox 360 arcade if we were both on an Xbox One the network was too slow. And we couldn’t find each other when he was on a one and I was on the 360.

So we look for 360 for cheap and I guess we could connect but we never tried.

By the way I do have an Xbox one but my internet is so bad, even this new visible is not even legally cellular tetherable broadband in 2020, though it hands down beats my DSL which is my fastest land based connection, and has unlimited internet quantity at speeds faster than the DSL connection

Hello does anyone know how to update the Xbox 360 version of ultra Street Fighter 4 from 1.06 to 1.12?

My friend is on 1.12 I’m on 1.06 and I can’t seem to find a way to update it. I already bought the arcade pack in the ultra pack. But I bought no costumes.

there may be a compatibility pack you must download? like ps3 users have

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Thankfully on Friday, I have a reason to be thankful. My TMobile Home Internet modem arrives in the mail. I’ll download every compatibility pack, reload Street Fighter 4.2-4.5 add ons. (4.1 is vanilla SF4, 4.2 is super SF4, 4.3 is Arcade edition, 4.4 is Ultra, and I think I just found out about 4.5, an edition where you can play as any Street Fighter 4.x version against any other same- or different- version 4.x opponent.) I can’t seem to find that download on the 360 shop.

I also thought clothing Compatibility packs just lets you see alternately clothed human online opponents in their alternate clothes. If you own no clothing Compatibility pack, you just see their default clothing. I didn’t think it would affect version number.

And should I assume clothing is only skin deep and doesn’t affect any hitboxes or dials up attack speed, attack damage. endurance, movement speed, or anything other statistic that affects gameplay?

I’ll go up from 1.5 Mb in at new years 2020, to 10 Mb in by Independence Day to 50 on Black Friday.

And both the boosts to 10 and 50 were because of less restrictive regulations on cellular companies being last resort home ISPs

My old service was Frontier DSL.

Then I switched to Visible Wireless, which had 5-12 M in 2-5 M out WHEN HOTSPOTTING, unlimited quantity, usual cellular priority terms.

Friday, I’ll have T Mobile Home Internet. If I’m willing to accept a geo-lock to just my house, I get specialty bandwidth that’s better that LTE, as long as you’re willing to be a stationary user.

By the way, I gave up my Visible to get T Mobile. If you have Visible. I can show you how to broadcast on twitch while on a freeway. I can still do that. I just can’t challenge online Switch gamers while twitching while traveling 60 MPH.

Cellular network gaming

Laugh if you must, but the fact that sticking an antenna in the air to pick up radio waves is a hell of a lot cheaper than digging up city streets getting wire connecting it to the rest of the network etc.

The T-Mobile plan is basically Son of WiMax. Two things make it great for the home. One is that it’s a successor to the WiMAX style of cellular internet, which is optimized to be stationary. And two is that it’s a separate patch of bandwidth reserved for rural stationary internet. No truck drivers. No rush hour traffic, an exclusively stationary internet band delivered by radio.

Of course that’s the exact reason why Sprint went out of business the WiMAX had as its flaw barely better than basic 3G when the target is in motion. But if it were stationary it’s Superior to LTE.

But then again the reason why they call it a mobile phone is it’s meant to be mobile. Otherwise they would have called it a radio phone.

If a camper is stationary then it’s a trailer. It can go places but doesn’t. It’s considered a luxury on federal roads and considered bare basic housing when stationary.