Issues linking c.LP on ps3

Just as the title states, I’m having issues linking 4x c.LP on ps3 for trial 18 I believe it is.
This is odd because I had no problem at all doing it on 360.

I’ve watched the trials video from VesperArcade on youtube at least 5 times, mimicing the timing
I’ve tried it on pad
I’ve even tried mapping lp to r1 so maybe all the mw2 Ive played lately will help.
I’ve sadly even stooped as low as to use the turbo on the TE to try to get through it… and I still fail.

Is the rhythm different when changing systems? There was a video on eventhubs showing ps3 had a slight lag compared to 360, anyone else have a similar problem?

No point mimicking a youtube video that runs at half the speed of the game itself :X

Apparently there’s a one…now aclaimed to be two…frame input lag on PS3. I’ve personally never felt it between both systems, probably since I started on PS3 and then when changing to xbox because I’ve already got it down with the apparent ‘lag’ it just feels the same shrugs I don’t know.

Consider you might also be hitting the buttons too fast/slow. It’s quite a precise 1-framer so it takes time and practice to do properly.

I swear to god, it’s the exact same with me. I only bought the Ps3 version a few days ago and immediately started on his trials and came unstuck on trial 18…

Amazingly I can’t link 2 c.lps together on the PS3, whereas I can link 5 c.lps on the XBox…!!!

Ironically, I find trial 24 much easier on Ps3…completed 3rd go, as opposed to about two hours of trying on the 360!!

Half speed of the game you say? hmmm
I think I keep jumping the gun with it and essentially tripping over my own inputs.
I’ll work on it more today.

Need 18, then 20-24 and I’ll finally be done with these trials
Gonna throw a square gate back on, goofing around with Cody/Juri wasn’t worth it

Umm this the method i used on 360, instead of just regular right in there face jabbing them j.f HP then start c.Lp’ing. Well it helped me out somehow.

5 lp link? u sure? i jus tested there is no range for the 5th lp

I think it’s much easier to link them on 360, anyhow I finished his trials within 30 minutes when i bought super

100%. jump in and hit the first light punch as you land. If you’re on Xbox (XBL) I can show you…

Can’t post vids unfortunately…

That goes for anyone by the way(ie. join me). Also you can link FBA onto the end of the 5th C.lp. for a 7-8 hit combo.

Lol @ people saying it’s easier to link on the 360.

I’m not saying it’s any easier or harder…I reckon it’s simply a controller issue. ie: my PS3 stick sucks. :smile:

cant someone program a controller with the precise inputs for the links and see if there is a legit difference between the 2 systems? i switch which ones i play on and dont have an issue hitting any 1 framers on either system with hakan.

I still haven’t gotten this shit down on here. I didn’t have an issue at all on the 360. Unless I have a bunk TE, and 2 bunk pads, I believe there’s some input lag on ps3.

I’m getting frustrated, is there anything I can do to make this easier? Maybe a visual cue I’ve overlooked? I rarely link to 3 much less 4, and its making me feel scrubby

Stick with the 360…lol

one red ring’d, the replacement was hit by lightning… so yeah lol

As soon you see the claw effect from the jab press jab again thats all, thats the timing for it.

I jumped back into the trials hard again today, and finished 4 more, leaving only 18 and 23. A small step for you guys but I’m proud of myself.

Also, I did manage to link 4x lp ONCE… but then I got all excited and forgot all about the ex walldive >_<
No real idea what the tempo is, I’m still just mashing randomly trying to find a rhythm