Issues with arcade stick and SFIV?


I just finished modding a happ stick and found something extremely weird. I used Remix as my test dummy to see if the stick is working and all of the directions and buttons work perfectly. They also work perfectly in the Xbox dashboard. When I load up SFIV the buttons work perfectly in the menus but do not work in the game, specifically a, b, and rb. I’m perplexed at the issue and cannot find a solution. I’m using a GS Madcatz cg pad btw.


You messed up a trigger.


How would I go about resetting the trigger?

I disabled them in the game and it works now thanks toodles


Are the pots still on? Are the triggers connected to buttons? Does the board you’re using require the triggers to be inverted?


I took the triggers apart but didn’t solder them to any of the buttons. I only used RB and LB as fierce and RH. The pots are still they’re as well. I disabled them in the game and now all the buttons are working. Thanks for your help.


It may show up in other games. If the pots are still on, then find the one that’s showing as pulled, and rotate the pot to the other direction.


Alright I will try that. Any tips on how to find the culprit?


Where those three disabled buttons kicks? Then it’s the trigger that was set to KKK.