Issues with Arcade stick on SFV


Hello guys/gals,

I recently decided to pick up fighting games again and I was informed the SFIV crowd has for the most part moved on to SFV so I decided to buy it and put in the time to become actually decent at the game.
Only one problem remains: I’m using an Arcade Pro stick which I got back in the day however SFV does not recognize that it’s plugged in even though I used it with my copy of SFIV recently.
Is this a known issue? and if so is there a known fix?


MadCatz Pro? Is it the Xbox or PS3 version? SFV only accepts Xinput on PC. You can use x360ce or something like that to emulate xinput

it’s this one. it’s marketed as a 360 stick and it has a USB cord. I’ m going to try the x360CE but this might help with finding an answer.


alright, back from the movies. x360ce works thanks for the help.