Issues with Blazblue Continuum Shift DLC Xbox 360


Any reason why I can’t play the new characters/colors in the Arcade mode? They only work in Versus as far as I can tell.


You mean characters like Mu-12 and Makoto?

You have to unlock Mu-12 in story mode or BUY her and Makoto. Same with the colors. Shell out the cash to get those as well.


Bought Mu and Makoto…Makoto only can be accessed in Versus mode, not the Arcade…weird. Downloaded some additional costumes…didn’t get to access those either.


I thought it was clear that you couldn’t use them in arcade mode or story mode.


Makoto and Mu do not have arcade modes because in BB the arcade modes have story conversations every few fights

i guess arc just hasn’t recorded any dialogue or even written one up

but there are those rumors of the Console characters getting ported to the Arcade CS cabinets whenever it gets that rebalance patch, but there’s no info on when that’ll be specifically

so basically, Makoto won’t be hearing Hazama’s old speech about THE WORLD OF LIES

place select screen cursor over the character you want, hit the start button, then hit left of right to flip the menu to the buyable colors


Supposedly the rebalance will be in six months.


Six months until I can win Rachel vs Bang? D: Much too long!!


Source for rebalance?


Same, since there were rumors that the original was going to get a rebalancing patch around its launch as well.


Asia Pacific Arts: Be Ready for the Rebels: interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari and Toshimichi Mori

Which really doesn’t mean or guarantee jack shit, but suggests they’d fix glaring issues with console characters like the first SFIV patch did in Fei Long’s infinite minimally. I remember people were convinced CT would get a balance patch for some reason as well.

That’s what qualifies as hype from BlazBlue fans apparently. “Buy our game because it might not be so hard to play the bad matchups in 6 months!”


I can use DLC colors in arcade mode, playing on the 360. Don’t know why you can’t.
Also, IIRC Makoto comes with her DLC colors.

There was an announcement about the rebalance back in spring, and it was confirmed again at Fanimecon, Ishiwatari said 6 months down the line then.

Except the CT thing was just some random rumor with no substance whatsoever. This is legitimately interesting since back in spring Ishiwatari annouced he would soon reveal a console feature that was something he’s always wanted t do. Plus, doing it 6 months after release implies something big that they wouldn’t want to get in the way of SBO, in addition to having a decent attempt at adjusting DLC charas. Of course, it might be something small, but it doesn’t seem like it. If it is, great, that means we get a rebalance for free as opposed to waiting for a year and paying $40. If not, whatever, CS is pretty balanced despite what scrubs say.
Simply put, the possibility of getting a significant rebalance for free between iterations is obviously pretty good.


So CS should have been $120? I don’t even give a damn at this point though. What’s being expressed is a disdain for the scrubby wankery of a lot of BlazBlue players where they will actually try to sell the game to people on the basis that even if you don’t like it now, maybe you’ll like it later because Rachel might not do terrible damage.

Like damn, show some faith in the current product.


I’ll still have to wait for the game to be available, but a rebalance would be great from what I hear.
I say that as a Rachel player ofcourse. I’ll play here anyway though.


I cant get Makato to dl. Everytime i do it either dl’s the 1.01 update, or if the update is already dl’d it hits 1% and says she dl’d :frowning:


Butter, I could be wrong but I read somewhere that Makoto and the 1.01 patch for xbox 360 are one and the same?
For the PS3 you can download them seperately so players who’d didn’t buy our resident squirrel girl can still play against her, but on 360 there’s no free 1.01 so they’re just the same thing on that console?


well no. the 1.01 is free on the 360 side and seperate downloads.


Oh? They lied to me @.@

edit: turns out it was just some stupid PS3 fanboy that started the 360 patch being different rumour. Guess I should’ve looked into it more earlier :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, how would this rebalance any different to any other rebalance iteration for like, nearly every fucking relevant fighting game ever? Except that it might come own as a downloadable patch?

They’ve shown faith in this already, seeing that CS by now would have been out in the market for well over half a year. If there is a new patch that significantly rebalances like from CT>CS, it would be around december if the rumors are true, which is around the same time frame between CT and CS. Only this time there’s a possibility that the consoles get to see it without having to wait for over half a fucking year and might be free.

Hell, even if it’s just small rebalances I wouldn’t mind. I’ll just have to see how they handle it first.


As long as they nerf Lambda and Arakune untill they’re no longer playable by any means, I’ll be happy! :stuck_out_tongue:


No, as long as they buff everyone else, that would be sexy.