Issues with buttons. Question about possible solution


Hey guys,

So I’m kind of in two dilemmas. The first is that I’ve been having issues with my buttons lately. They’re about 2 or 3 years old so it’s understandable. The problems I’ve been having are a couple are sticking, and a couple are not reading the press 100% of the time. In order to resolve this situation I ordered a new set of buttons. However these leads to my second dilemma…

I ordered the wrong size buttons. (botched it)

Typically, I’d return the buttons and pay the difference to get the correct size buttons that I need. However, with EVO so close my concern is that I can’t fit return/refund/reorder in time before I leave for EVO. (I leave in 9 days. 7 of them business days)

So before I touch these new buttons in any way, I thought that perhaps I would ask the experts on here if I took the black connector out of the new buttons, and put them in my old buttons, if that would fix my button issues. Personally, I don’t really care if my buttons don’t smell new. I just really want them to work. The last thing I want is a button going out in pools at EVO.

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

  1. What arcade stick do you have?

  2. What buttons did you order?


MadCatz TE Round 1. And I ordered Sanwa 24mm, but meant to get 30mm.


You can take the microswitches out of your 24mm buttons and replace them in your old buttons. While you are doing so take the time to clean the plastic plunger and inside button shell. I find a small amount of lubricant helps as well, such as silicone grease.


Thanks for the tips! I’ll do that rather than sending them back and all that fuss. Thanks again.