Issues with hitbox and AE pc

Since i got AE for the PC, i installed it and i wanted to use my hitbox to play on it.

But the game wont let me assign the directional buttons (up down left right) its like the buttons dont even exist to the game, However, it will let me assign the attack buttons and start and select.

The pcb is toodles ps3/pc board btw

thanks in advance!

If you can set the game to joystick, the game should be able to automatically set directions. I don’t know if the PC version of SF IV AE requires Analog or can it use POV Hat. I think the Toodles board does both Analog and pov hat out put at the same time so it should not matter.

plug in with start or select pressed… then only X-Y axis or only POVHat work in cthulhu :slight_smile:

Well when i set the controls, it allows to modify 3 different types

keyboard 1 keynboard 2 and hitbox cthulu+

where can i set the game to joystick?

You would want to set it Hitbox if thats a option. Try out Xpadder if you can’t get it working.

this was the solution i needed, thank you