Issues with retail version of AE

I didn’t seem to find any other posts about this, but if there is, I’m sorry for reposting. My game freezes on the match loading screen for PS3 version of AE. I can’t get into a match. And there is an error of sorts when I try to go into challenge mode. The new characters don’t even show up. This is starting to piss me off because I simply cannot get into a game. Is anyone else having any issues, and if so, is there a fix available?


I deleted all my game data and reinstalled…seemed to fix everything. This post can be locked…sorry for the trouble.

Did you bother reading the “error” in challenge mode?
It says the mode isn’t compatible with the new system, and there are no challenges for the new characters.

My error was actually: ID_TUF_34425…it didn’t come up as what you posted until after I reinstalled everything…

wtf… random

I’m actually having the same problem. Deleting all my old data changed nothing. Does capcom know about this yet?

Picked up the disc version this morning. Everything is working fine.

I did delete my SSF4 game data though before putting the AE disk in.

I installed AE and then re-downloaded the costume packs I had afterwards.

Make sure you are getting the 1.05 patch update and delete any old SSF4 install data.

I’m sorry, but that’s a really shitty way to have the disc version of the game. If you need to delete the entire SSF4 before you install, that’s just dumb.

Question: HardBread, did you download that “arcade edition upgrade kit” or such that was released a few weeks ago?

Quick addition:

You DON"T need to delete your save data.

Just the game data.

AE will recognize all the color/taunt unlocks.

does the disk come with anything extra? like all costumes unlocked? new menus?, or something like that?

I see no point in buying Disc AE, especially after Ono started trolling about more balance changes for AE. I can see the master plan of SF4’s dev team, throw in a bunch of unbalanced characters have the community rage about them and then release another patch with some extra’s (again) just to satisfy them and get more cash out of them.

at least not for full price…i’ll wait for it to drop down to $14.99 or something. let’s hope the hackers can find remnants of potential character models hidden within the disc.

The start screen is different. It is the AE screen from the arcades.

Other than that, everything else is the same as the DLC update. (no different menus, no alt costumes unlocked, etc.)

Also, the game guide is in full color for those wondering.

Edit: Just checked, you can change the game to normal SSF4 just like you can with the DLC. Also, trophies are the same for both games. The new AE ones are just added on like they are in the DLC.

dammit. i wanted to justify a purchase, but i cant if they arent giving me anything new for $40(?)

I didn’t dwnld the upgrade kit because at the time I didn’t have my old copy of super anymore. I’ll try messing with it again and using your suggestions when I get home later tonight.

Good shit. Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

the only reason I bought AE on the disc is because my SSF4 disc broke a few months back, so I couldn’t buy the online jawn.

Everything is working now, thanks.

weird errors… wtf capcom is this a fucking PC game?

I haven’t heard of this problem…not yet.