Issues with the midscreen unblockable

So I finally have charge partitioning down. I’ve been working on the midscreen unblockable.

Cr. hp, mk tackle, hp aegis, hk tackle, dash headbutt, dash dash, toward+mk

I can do all the moves just fine, just that when I finally get to the toward+mk, my opponent isn’t far enough in the aegis for the setup to work properly. Instead of getting stuck between the aegis and Urien, there’s a big enough gap between Urien and the aegis that my opponent just bounces back an forth between the aegis and the guardbreaking kick.

Depends on what character you are doing it on. Some you have to do it really quick with no gaps in between. I sometimes have problems with Ken, because he gets up faster. But Chun and Urien are much easier because they take longer to stand. Since you just learned partitioning, you might have some gaps. You need to get use to it for awhile. Take it one step at a time.

Thanks. I’ll keep working on it.

Learn on Chun and Makoto, then move on to the Shoto’s

Lol. That was my problem. I started on Ken and Ryu.

An easier version on shotos until you learn the above mentioned is the usual tackle canceled into FP aegis then dashback and whiff a ducking FP and immediately do a RH kneedrop and then headbutt over

Yep, it’s useful to know that unblockable because the standard midscreen unblockables (dash headbutt, RH kneedrop, & dash under tackle) all do not work around/just past midstage. At that range the opponent lands next to the corner, making it impossible for Urien to cross over and get the guard break. The dash back kneedrop unblockable requires a lot less range so it comes in handy in these situations.

I thought the dashback, Kneedrop etc. works on only the small characters?

Shotos and those with Shoto properties

Sorry, I was making a general statement. Around and past midstage, where traditional unblockables fail, the dash back, kneedrop setup will work on shotos, Yun, Yang, Makoto, Chun*, Remy, Oro, Ibuki, and Urien. With Chun I use lk tackle and try not to hit her too late.

On Hugo, Twelve, and Necro you can just do RH tackle, since Urien can cross right under/over them near the corner.

On Q you can do whiff Aegis into RH tackle nonsense.
That takes care of most of the cast.

Very true

now who’s ready for dash partition standing MP to tackle whiffs on the harder to juggle characters?

Is it c.hp, tackle xx fp aegis, dash, mp to hk tackle?

Yes, that’s the standard midscreen UB on Alex and it works on Hugo as well if you do not s.mpxhk tackle too quickly. With Necro, Dudley, Elena, and Twelve you just leave out the and do dash, tackle.

Awesome, thanks. On to training mode! :karate:

JUST as I was about to type “I can’t do it” I tried one more time and got it. :lol:

About the ghetto dash back kneedrop unblockable setups, on some of the characters that it doesn’t work on, after you dash back, instead of whiffing whatever, throw an mp fireball (which will hit), and you can figure out the rest.

That unblockable is hella easy…only what do you use to guard break? I was using jab and crouching fierce because I didn’t have the time for f+mk

It’s mostly F+Mk. That’s the guard break. Sometimes you can get a Cr.Lk to bump back and forth with the Aegis. Just do it all quick as possible. Eventually it’ll be easy.

In that unblockable you’ve got to break the guard with a That’s because the char bounces over the aegis before you do the kneedrop, so you’ve got less time to break the guard-