Issues with tightness and bat/ball handle

Had my stick modded a while back and I both added a tighter spring and replaced the ball top with a bat handle. While I like the tightness of the stick I notice it gets loose easy. Sitting down and taking a look at it it seems that the adapter between the bat handle and the stick itself is very prone to loosening up. What options do I have for correcting this? In my head, I’m thinking either get a different brand of bat handle (not sure from where), replace the bat handle with a ball top, or use some form of metal bonding glue (J B Weld?) to seal the adapter to the bat handle.

if you have a stick with an exposed shaft, then you can use vice grips to hold the shaft and you can just tighten the ball top. Make sure you use a cloth between the shaft and the vice grips or else you’ll get tool marks on the shaft. If it’s got a shaft cover, then you’ll have to get into the gut and use a flat head screwdriver to hold the shaft in place while you tighten the ball top.

Don’t use jb weld, put a drop of loctite on there.

Did you make sure you used a flathead screwdriver at the bottom of the shaft when you were screwing on the top? That can make a big difference. I wouldn’t recommend the vice grips, the flathead always works better for me.

QFT. I noticed this a lot too until I did exactly that (the flat head), I use a shaft cover, and I literally couldn’t get the balltop off again without using a flat head to remove it.

Yeah. That’s how I figured that it’s probably the adapter that’s causing the problem since there’s a huge difference in tension between the two. I’ll have to try that loctite at some point. About how much does the stuff usually cost?

Loctite for threads is about $5.