IST SOLUTION ( joystick and arcade parts store in South Korea


Customers who purchased their object at or anybody who wants to know more about Korean arcade parts
:please leave your enquiries here, or send us e-mail at

We will attempt to answer on your questions as quickly as possible.

Thank you!


Hello I’ve purchased a few items from your store/ website and the shipping address is wrong on the order. Set the option to go with the address on my account, but it made it go somewhere completely different.
any reply would be appreciated. thank you.


When will SDL-301 and SDL-301DX levers be available on your site? Any idea for the price range?


My apologies for late response - could you please send me an e-mail with your details of personal information including order number at
Thank you!


Hi there Agieze! Unfortunately I don’t have any idea so far related to those upcoming newest models - but surely it will be available in very soon. I’m going to post a comment as IST begins sales.

Thank you!


Still waiting for status update of order made 4 days ago. The order No. is 20170807NLDAX00001. Please advise. I’ve emailed you at that email address, I’ve not gotten any response with regard to the order yet.


Hello, can you please add the EMS shipping option to “Greece”?
During checkout, if Greece is selected as the destination country, when trying to select a shipping option, I get the error “Select the shipping country first”.

Also, regarding the Makestick Pro fightstick case, is there a template I can use for the artwork? If not, what format/size should my Image be?


The order No. is 20170814OCVYY00007…You still haven’t shipped my Fujin V2 lever. You did not even email me any tracking no.? It’s been 3 months already!!! I"M VERY DISAPPOINTED with MAKESTICK!!!