IST Solution MakeStick Pro

Hey, I just found this stick online when I saw Korean Tekken 6 players play in a tournament in Germany.

Could somebody translate how the PS2 functionality works? Does it use a PS2 connector and then one has to use a converter for PS3 and 360?

The stick seems to have OSBF-30 Buttons, but I don’t know what lever it uses.

It’s using a Korean stick - probably a Myoungshin or Taeyoung Fanta. These are great for Tekken.

The features list seems like it is easy to put in other joysticks or buttons. As for PS2 functionality, it looks like you’ll have to use an adapter to connect to 360. In fact, I have the adapter that it shows in the picture - but I could be wrong.

Looks pretty sweet if you can handle what are probably horrible shipping costs.