Istanbul beyleri vs DC Universe

istanbul beyleri
1 - Kral
2 - Hekim
3 - Efendi
4 - Bessam
5 - Bilge
6 - Hayalet
7 - Turap
8 - Vezir
9 - Ajan

DC Universe
1 - Rampart (Jaffar Ibn Haroun Al Raschid)
2 - Muhammad X
3 - Digital Djinn
4 - Mohammed Ibn Bornu
5 - Ibn Al Xu’ffasch (Son of The Batman)
6 - Remac (Dr.Salah Miandad)
7 - Sandstorm
8 - Sinbad (Davood Nassur)
9 - Sirocco
10-Wise Son (Hannibal White)
12-Nadir (Master of Magic)

So soon?!

We haven’t even had a console release for the original yet.


EDIT: was this made in that mk-ish fighting game engine that i cant remember the name of?

I have to play this

Can’t wait! This is going to be sick!

Never heard of this game before. Is it a homebrew game for the PC?

Hey there’s a huge demo on the website btw (for the previous game).

The character pages on that website don’t have movelists but they do have some really sweet animated GIF’s.

I played the demo its barely a game

ibo vs marvel… :looney:

Josiah X
Abdullah Qamar
Brillalae (Black Tiger)
Living Monolith (Ahmet Abdol)
Askari (Jono Baraka)
Black Raazer
Amahl Farouk (Shadow King)

This game is going to be another Hayalet/Turap fest, there is honestly nothing a good Bilge or Han player can do to resist their ridiculous pressure