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Hi there…

I’m going to be posting in here as I try to learn how to play Street Fighter in general and for now, Sukura specifically. It is my hope that I will get friendly advise from you guys that are more experienced. I am also a serial streamer/youtuber and have started a new show called iSuck. I’ll be showcasing in a 30 min episode my current level of skill, though training mode, challenge mode, arcade mode or network mode. The idea is to have a cool video game diary of my progression from raw noob to (I hope) a good player. The idea came from when I was trying to tell a mate about my problems connecting SF combos, so I made him a video… then I thought… why not post that video to Shoryuken and get more feedback! I guess the thread will be retarded at first but once I get good I think it will be great to have these lame records of my climb up the ladder.

Episode 1

[media=youtube]-g96VYc2FpI[/media] [media=youtube]_PfkQhhTHzk[/media]

This is just a starting point. I haven’t put much into it yet. I wanted a bare bones start point for latter reference. My biggest problem is in timing. It seams like I am imputing everything to fast, the game is so fast so I tend to try and push the buttons in a fast sequence, so I seam to do a uppercut thing instead of a plasma ball. Or even worse, she dose nothing.

At the moment I am stuck on Challenge Ten Jump+HP -> MP -> Plasma Ball -> EX… though even something as simple as Crouch LP -> Stand HP is causing me problems. I have watched a lot of videos including VesperArcade and from those vids it seams I should be able to press the buttons individually, with out spamming. Still I just can not work out… WHEN I am meant to do the next move
Have a look at the vid (if you have time) and please feel free to give me any advise. I’ll be posting a new one each week, with any luck the improvement will be quick.

TimeCodes of Note
Part 1 - 5:24
Part 2 - 6:05
Part 2 - 5:00

Seams the timing it just off… could this be somthing to do with “buffering”? As TBird describes?

Remember Life’s a Game

stop mashing.

hehe plasma ball = standing medium punch

for semi real advice for trial#10: Try to master the cancel: xx hadouken… I noticed you’re having trouble getting the fire ball to come out and you recognize that, so you back off and chuck a few fireballs to convince yourself that you DO know how to do a quarter circle forward, but that’s not what the problem is…The problem is that you’re not canceling the into a hadouken properly

If I were to think about the trial 10 combo as individual steps it would be like this:

step 1: j.hp
step 2: :mp: :qcf:+ :mp:
step 3: tap :mp:+ :mk:


step 1: j.hp
step 2: :mp:
step 3: :qcf:+ :mp:
step 4: tap :mp:+ :mk:

see? it’s a small subtle difference but I think that’s why you’re having trouble with the combo.

Like i said, stop mashing… Learn to do xx hadouken and have it combo AND do it so you’re only pressing the medium punch button twice… exactly twice… only twice. Then work on the rest.

negative edge


You could use negative edge and only press the button once but negative edge is sort of an advanced concept.

A cancel could be accomplished by imputing the 2nd move before the first move completes. In this case -> hadouken, imput the hadouken IMMEDIATELY after the input, before the completes animation.

The moment the hadouken emerges from the hand tap mp+mk for focus cancel of the hadouken + release.

Hey guys, thanks for your great advise. I’ll have a play with these ideas…

I read though some of the glossary you linked… but cancel wasn’t in it… neither ways whiff btw. Still I found a outdated SF4 faq thing that seams to be still relevant that explained cancel for me.

I’m going to get to some practicing and see if I can get these working. What I really need is a simpler punch/plasma ball that I can do with out the rest of the combo. A guy on my channel posted that s.MP xx PlasmaBall is such a move (standing medium punch cancel into plasma ball - have I got my short hand correct?). So I am going to work on that. Also this “negative edge” sounds interesting. I hold punch, quarter circle then release punch is how I read this. VesperArcade suggested that I shouldn’t be afraid to learn more complex stuff, as it is a lot harder to relearn, so as I am starting out I may as well get my technique correct strait away.

So the plan is to try and do the simple combo to practice my cancel timing and then either use

Step 1: j.hp
step 2: :mp: :qcf:+ :mp:
step 3: tap :mp:+:mk:

or remove the 3rd button press buy using negative edge.

Also I might play with shortcuts… but there dosn’t seam to be a shortcut for plasmaball?

Watched the first half of the first video and the last half of the last video. Your two main problems are a) speed and b) mashing. It seems like you are trying to rush the inputs for some of these trials, and as such are getting moves you don’t want (like otoshi instead of ultra 2).

If your goal is improvement in this game working on your execution should be a priority so you always get the move you want and only when you want it. Part of this will come simply from spending tons of hours on the joystick to get used to the motions at variable speeds, part will come from what I think of as “button patience”. For example when doing ultra 2 tengyo (diagonal up shooting) version and you got Otoshi, your inputs were :d::df:[:f::d::df: 3 kicks] :f:. The actual command for otoshi is in the middle there, and the game does not read that you did the ultra because you input the kicks before you finished the ultra motion. Whenever you perform a special or ultra, it is important to only press the corresponding punch or kick buttons either simultaneously or slightly after finishing the motion.

My second set of suggestions goes towards mashing. While mashing may help you finish a trial you do not fully understand, it does not facilitate using it in an actual match (which should be the goal of learning how to do special cancels, focus attack cancels and the links). To help understand what you should be doing you can separate combo’s into two main categories for the most part: cancels and links.

When doing a trial such as standing light punch > crouching medium punch this is a link. The quick and dirty version to learning link timing is in two steps. The first is to stop mashing. By mashing you are masking the actual timing that you should be learning. Secondly you can find out if you are fast or slow by the reaction on screen. If you try standing light punch > crouching medium punch but medium punch never comes out, it means you pressed it too fast. If you do the same combo but the medium punch is blocked, you pressed it too slowly. By using these visual cues you can narrow down the exact timing until you can perform the link properly.

Cancels are performed almost exclusively from normals into special moves, or normals into supers. To achieve this the special input should be completed before the normal is finished recovering. So in trial 10 you should be FINISHED with the fireball input before sakura returns to neutral from her standing medium punch.

You seemed to have a lot of trouble with trial 10 so I would try breaking it down into steps, practicing those individually, and then putting them together. Personally I start from the bottom and work up. Try doing the hadoken and then cancel it into focus attack in the corner with only pressing focus attack once. Once you can do this practice JUST doing standing medium punch cancel into hadoken. Once you can do both consistently try doing the whole combo, it usually goes much smoother this way.

What Krazl said is pretty much on the money. If you take the combo apart and attack it in smaller pieces it really helps as well as builds confidence. We all have spent countless hours in Trial mode before. You really just have to get use to it. You also did the right thing in coming here for help lol… Just to let you know as a Sakura player most matches will be an uphill battle but once you get over that feeling and you have an understanding of how to control her, and you get your hands to do what you want to do… when you want it to happen ( lol ) you’ll be fine. To get to that point though you will have to spend a lot of time in training and build that muscle memory. Drill combos so you lower the chance of error. Don’t get caught up in Trial mode. You don’t NEED to do them all. I honestly cant do number 23. The Trials just get you familiar with the character and shows you a bit of whats possible. Play some matches, come back to it from time to time. Try to have fun.

Please don’t call my princess Sukura!

Episode 2

[media=youtube]d2LpEyH1XYQ[/media] [media=youtube]8NY4frdyWvU[/media] [media=youtube]ULwZYOu8z8I[/media]

Hi guys, well it is episode 2 time.

I’ve been putting in some time but I still feel that there is a lack of understanding on how Street Fighter works. The show is a bit long, I find editing it a bit hard to do… make sure you look at the “time codes of note” at the end of the post. You should just be able to click on them and it will load tube at the correct time. I think this will be the new format of the show. Part 1 will have commentary and I’ll showcase my new skills as well as talk about what I troubling me, and then in the rest I’ll be practicing, so you only really need to watch ep 1, but in the time code section I’ll post anything i think is worth it… though feel free to jump around in all of them if you have time and the inclination.

Basically, I have broken down the combo as people have suggested and can MP xx PlasmaBall xx EX almost 100% with no button mashing. I can even pull it off fairly regularly with “negative edge”. The problem seams to be the jHP,MP… I just can not seam to get the timing of this right. In order to land it have to spam the second punch, at least twice, this in turn breaks the rest of the combo. If you check out Part 3 - 3:45 You can see how this is happening. I just seam to only be able to 100% the 2nd punch by spamming it.

The fundamental problem I think is that I still do not understand how SF4 works. This is what is leading to the above problem. In Part 1 - 9:50 you can see that even something as simple as MP,LK with no joystick moment is causing me trouble, not cause of anything but the fact I do not understand how the timing works. I think Part 1 - 9:50 is the exact problem I am having in jHP,MP… and once I get that worked out I might be able to move on. I think this is why these, seemingly, simple combos are IN the challenge mode, to teach this fundamental timing lesson, that branches into the entire rest of the game.

Time Codes of Note
Part 1 - 3:45 (My new Grip - Though I keep forgetting to use it)
Part 1 - 4:18 (Combo Part 2 Execution seams to be working - :mp::qcf::mp:)
Part 1 - 9:50 (Confusion about how to string even simple commands)
Part 3 - 3:45 (This is what I think is the problem)

Do you know that there are 2 kind of normal? The close normal and the far normal, if you stand very close and press mp, the elbow (cl. mp) will come out if you stand too far the straight punch (usually abbreviated as st. mp or s. mp). In this case you have to use the, which have a much faster startup frame (4 vs 7). Therefore you have to time the jump in such that you will land as close as possible.

Second, when you land the jump hp, take note that you need to press the cl. mp at the right moment, not too early (before you even landed, in which nothing will come out) or too late (in which case it will not link together). The good news is, the timing is not strict at all, because jump in hp gives you a large frame advantage. To link in Streetfighter, for example, if a previous move gives you +4 frame on hit, you recover 4 frames earlier than your opponent. You can use a move with 4 start up frame, to LINK them together, you need to execute the move the exact frame the 1st move ended, so there is no room for error, ala a 1 frame combo. In this case I believe it is a 3 frame combo (not sure about the frame advantage of jump ins).

Lastly, the last 3 inputs (cl. mp, hadouken, FAC) should be done in one swift moment, don’t mash, just press all the input (including the cancel) in one go, as fast as possible.

Finally check this out:

Don’t be too anxious when you execute your inputs, be patient, it will come naturally. Hope it helps!

Yes plasma ball, this already full of win! But seriously this is a cool little experiment you’ve got going. It’ll be interesting to see where you are in a few months.

Episode 3

[media=youtube]v2kxqoe6UuY[/media] [media=youtube]SEEJ5Y-ITzs[/media]

Hi guys…

Sorry this episode was a little late but I have been a bit busy. You can see some of my frustration in this episode. I seam to not be improving in anyway. I have yet to win a single game online, and still can not get very far into the arcade mode on medium. The same problems are in this episode as in the 2nd one. I just can not seam to work out how to string moves together… I tried to looking up something called “plinking” but couldn’t really understand it.

Simple things, that are not really even combos, like when you do c.SK,cSK,cMK… press them to fast and nothing happens, to slow and they do not come out either and the training dummy will block the 2nd one… so I think i am meant to press the button on a visual que… but is it when the other move hits? or when the other move finished… I know it is simple but I really think this is my main problem with this game… I just do not understand how this really simple stuff works.

Ontop of that my wife got me a new arcade stick for my birthday and this was the 2nd time I had used it and it dose behave differently to my other stick, so my inputs have moved backward a bit :(. Hey when u guys use a stick, is your hand resting on the pad, or is the entire hand raised off the stick base?

Anyway, you can see hear my frustration, but I am sure I’ll get over it. Also I am suddenly having some sound sync issues with my HD PVR… not sure why or how to fix it.

Time Codes of Note

Part 1 - 7:30
Part 1 - 8:59
Part 2 - 7:17 (Arcade Mode - Medium)

First thing first, you have the best wife!
Second thing, when practicing your combo, do it on the training dummy because the timing will be different when you hit vs when you whiff.
Regarding the stick, rest your palm. Here is some useful tip:

heh, that loltima guy is pretty charismatic eh… looks like he hasn’t posted a fighting video for over 10 months though… I guess he might not be playing any more.