"It aint ova till ItSoVA" PNT Virginia Beach 4/18/09


Play N Trade of Virginia Beach
2201 Upton Dr Suite 906, Virginia Beach, VA, 23454

Saturday, April18, 09’
Registration starts @ 12pm
Tournament starts @ 2pm

FEEs Breakdown:
$5 Venue Fee
$5 pot fee for SF4.
$5 pot fee for HDremix.
60/30/10 pot split for all games.
100% of pot fee goes to winners.

Tournament Rules:

XBOX360 / PS3

Akuma/Gouki is banned

Button configuration is ALLOWED

If you Pause during a match your opponent then has the option of taking that match.

Best out of three. Looser/Winners/Grand Finals: best of 5)
Winner must retain same character.
Double elimination brackets.

You CAN pre-reg on this thread.


Dsinnie (SFIV)
thedrizzle (SFIV/HDR)
Oops (SFIV)
UnknownEnemyZero (SFIV)
sweatyshoulderguy (SFIV)
Troyboy’s back! (SFIV)
Gummowned (SFIV)
Ryry (SFIV)
blah0526 (SFIV)
Winback (SFIV)



Thinking about a Puzzle fighter side tourney also.

I have also just been informed that if 25+ people PRE-Reg for this there will be food at this event provided by the store. (more than likely pizza/drinks) Im already in the house. 24 more to go baby!


Sign me up… just for 4 tho…


hell im down…ill drive to va beach for this


Word, what you playin’ son?


Still doing Xbox360 garbage? Although it can’t be helped, I have 360 sticks to help out but still, with parts coming in late from LL only a few TE sticks will save the day, but that doesn’t save anyone who uses PS3 pad which would be a lot.


the only issue i have with multi console is people that have a match and want to play on multi consoles. ill see what i can do about this issue, but for now its xbox only. if i get enough requests for PS3 to show my boss i will be able to work it out.

In short, PRE-REG! and let me know what console you prefer.:wink:


360 only is very bad. You’ve just totally excluded all PS3 pad players, like myself, by doing that. If this remains as is, I’ll have to sit this one out. I’ll probably still come out cause it’s local, but I won’t enter the tourney.


it doesnt matter what console to me…if it matters…ive got sf4 on both…so what ever everyone else wants is fine with me


I agree, 360 only bad, PS3 only… bad…


Was just looking at the rules.

Seth and Gouken banned? Not at EVO or any other tournaments I’ve attended recently. Even tough I don’t use those characters.

Also, as far as button mapping, you do know that Kx3 and Px3 are already set by default right?


Do you play stick or pad? Because generally it matters to pad players. Everyone knows for a matter of fact that the 360 pad is horrible for fighting games.

I know there is a SF4 pad that they released for both PS3 and 360, but I’m still not a fan of that controller. I’d rather my PS3 controller.


honestly both…i have a pad and stick for both systems…i…it just depends on how i want to sit on my couch( sometimes i got them lazy bones and a pad is perfect for loungin about)…so im cool with whatever


i will also be playing HDR…just lettin ya know


I personally would like to run both consoles. I want as many players out here to play as possible. What i DON’T want is people complaining about the fact of there opponent having a 360 stick and there self wanting to use there PS3 pad.
If both players cant agree then its just gonna be unfair for the other person if they have to flip a coin or someone on staff decide for them.

But hey, if that what the people want, lets’s run it on both!

I have un-banned Seth and Gouken. I only banned them because i had not herd anything about if they should or should NOT be banned so i banned them to be safe/fair. But if there fine at EVO then there fine with me.

As far as button mapping goes, that’s the way its been at a few tourneys i have gone to in the past. 1 button Teleport’s, lariat’s and, ultras are pretty scrubby IMO. I mean really, you cant do that in the arcade so why allow it in tourney? But as always if the majority wants this changed, i will do so. but as of now this rule still applies.

I currently only have ONE HDR set up and its on 360. people bringing set ups would help this out. of course venue fees will be waived for anyone who’s set up we use.



i can possibly bring setups…just let me know what we need


i want in on this Zygote(el fuerte) since i use a 360 analog it doesnt matter to me what system ps3 controller is the same as 360 for analog so im fine with both systems but i want to play it on a 360 preferably. Even though i use a one button ultra scheme making teleports and lariats any easier is a no-o so keep that rule the way it is. im in for just sf4 though.


Multiple button presses, depending on what combination needs to be pressed, also is generally harder for a pad player. First of all, on a stick, it’s easier to use three of your fingers to press a 3 button combination such as Px3 or Kx3. Not so with a pad since you’re using 1 thumb for 4 buttons and most likely your index fingers for the top 4 buttons. Also you have to take into account the size of the buttons and the spacing of the buttons. It’s always much easier to get what button combination you want on a stick without having to manipulate how you hold the controller unlike on a pad. I still don’t see how people try to play a pad like a stick. Boggles my mind.

I think people are getting the term “button mapping” confused with “button binding”. When people button map something, they are using a programmable controller and programing an entire input to one button i.e. trying to say map Ivy’s Calamity Symphony to one button. That is not allowed. Button binding is when you’re setting the input of say a two or 3 button press to one button, not necessarily doing a complete motion for an entire move. But I guess the terms mean something different everyone. In this case, it’s not a you say to-mat-o and I say to-ma-to, because it’s not the same thing.


Depends on what’s available to use in terms of running on both consoles. If you have the unlocked situation covered and we don’t have to sit there and unlock shit like C3 it should be fine. Stick vs pad and stick vs stick should be fine, even if you can’t use your own stick but that shit happens for single console tournaments anyway it’s just SF4 not MvC2 where your execution is everything. Pad vs pad is the main issue, but it’s really weird having someone who actually prefers the official 360 controller, but I have seen it happen. Why the fuck don’t more people get fightpads I don’t get it.


im not that weird(prefer 360 controller :])