it all has to stop


this might sound weird coming from me, but ive made the decision to just stop all the beefing with everyone. i made my point across, weve all exchanged our words. now, can we all focus on the real important things: PREPARING FOR EVO.

frank made me realize its all petty and you know, dan would be a good person to play and get exposure to. i do still want to play him, but i didnt get a chance to. i know frank did as well. id like to apologize for extending this further.

he has given me permissoin to post these PMs ( long read)

now, tl;dr

we squashed it, he wants to play us, hes sorry. he doesnt represent the whole bc, and id like to represent the NW in a better way. so if anyone still has any resentment, its ok. but id like to ask for everyone to swallow thier pride and strive to put it all in the past so we can step further toward being a strong scene.


Good to hear. :bgrin:


I am really glad to hear, all that negativity after the tourney really bummed me out, because I know we are better than that. I really hope this lasts.

Who was that spikey haired azn guy with the kinda “azn mullet” at GW, he was a cool guy but I forgot to get his name? He was a Canadian.


All I gotta say is…


Niggaz in space… BEEFIN’


For me man, the only reason I ever cared was because my friends (Josh, Mickey, Jacob) were involved. If they’re able to get past it so am I. This is the right time to end this shit with Evolution just around the corner. Other areas are busy stepping their games up, and that’s what we gotta concentrate on.


i’m hella power lvl’ing for evo.


GJ to both of you, we need this kind of attitude now to boost our community to the next level.


Awesome, we should only be talking shit to people we don’t have to see every week. :stuck_out_tongue:


say it ain’t so?!

the beef is over?



I was the one that was driving Dan back and am glad all this beef is finally over. I was pretty clueless as to what was happening, as I thought initially Josh was congratulating Dan for the victory (little did I know at the time). Regardless, I dont think I was scared, as I was tired more than anything and didnt really give a shit. Anyways, nice tournament. I wish they would hold tournaments like these in BC. If there is another GW tourny in the future, I would definitely be coming back down again and learn more from you guys.


As glad as I am that it’s squashed and done with, I’m just as glad that it happened period. It lit a fire under the asses of our scene that’s been dormant for quite some time. If that same fire can be directed towards other scenes outside of ours come Evo time, we will GET that hype that we haven’t had in forever.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we’ve got a stable of monsters up here in the Northwest. They all just don’t know. And come Evo, they all will.


I’m pretty sure that was me.
I talked to quite a few people before my matches, I just never caught their names either.
Also, a few people after the tourney complimented me on my Abel, but I totally forgot as well, since I was so tired, haha.
But Air, what was your name again?
Mine’s Jordan.


That shit’s tight…gj guys.


I’m Julian, good to meet you and yes your Abel was fresh and clean, hope to play it soon!


Yes this makes me very happy, I am glad you guys can finally squash this and we can get back to whats really important. Getting together and forming a team that is going to ANNIHILATE every region out there. Its alla bout SF4 right now folks. So lets focus on getting each other to the next level so we can wreck havoc at evo.

ScrubbyDan: Please get to me on pm with your num yo, would like to holla at you bro.

Hope everyone is ready for preppys this friday!



pm’d Cole! i was just going to pm you so i can ask you something anyways lol.

well i really dont know what else i wanna say, but i guess i will just officially appologize right here to everyone, sorry for causing all the drama.


I’m down to be a practice dummy for you people making Evo. Sadly, I doubt I’ll get the days off/have the funds to buy a plane ticket, a hotel for those days, and pay my rent/bills.

Seeing as Evo is what? 2 months away? We need to go insane and destroy each other’s flaws and make you guys little rock 'em sock 'em robots at SF4.


It’s great that it’s over and all, but I really gotta ask myself for how long? Not trying to be pessimistic or anything but was I warranted any apology? No. Did I deserve to get shit talked over the internet at what seemed like a personal level? No. Do I really care either? To be honest, no, I don’t give 2 shits.

This is a dude that I personally tried to make amends and extend my hand towards, and was spit in the face when harsh words/opinions were exchanged. On top of that, I have another guy telling me that was insinuating that I’m “weak” for doing so and for apologizing in their thread.

Did I take this personally, hell to the yes, I did. Were amends made towards ME? Hell to the no they weren’t.

Conclusion? I’m glad that yall dudes can step past it, but for me, the damage has been done and I don’t think I can move forward past things until some personality changes are made.

EDIT: “as for mike, i was disappointed that he didnt make it into semi’s, and i just feel sour when he got eliminated he ran up the stairs as if he was extremely sad. maybe i was wrong, but i dont have the heart to talk shit to him anymore when i saw that. there’s no point of making someone more upset than he already is, or if he really did feel upset. another reason is mike thinks he can beat a lot of people in sf4 irl which he cannot, but he firmly believes he’s capable of. that just makes me really disappointed towards him, and i just dont want to spend anymore of my time talking shit to him if nothing goes into his brain. i was expecting more from him, like palying him in the semi’s or finals. but there’s no reason for me to anymore.”

No beef on this side, but seriously, how can I be blamed by my reaction at the “squash?”


Now that it is established everyone is getting over this but Mickey, shall we start the SF4 ownage that is the NorthWest?


Seriously, don’t even test shit like that Jalapno…you don’t know me like that so if you got something to say, you can say it to me at Zach’s.