It BURNS when I pee! Plz HELP!


I rented out a few of my concubines to @thepurplebunny and when they came back…they greeted me as they normally would by fornicating with me in my chambers. A few days later I started noticing my piss was kinda dark and tingling. Now it feels like I’m literally pissing Slice orange soda out of my cock!!

What should I do guys!!? I tried marinating my cock in lemon juice for an hr but it didn’t work and I also tried drinking mad cranberry juice but still not working…it hurts so bad.


The only logical decision would be to kill yourself.




Remove the Excalibur from the hilt.


Seems like you are gonna have to wait it out. Get some cyanidecalcium pills if things don’'t go well.


aren’t you the one always banging random bitches without rubber…


I lubed with Sunkist, not Slice, you libelous jerk.


fucking hoes after they get dispatched out to random niggas? no sir


Word’s of wisdom


This is my favourite BeGuiled thread.


He grows up so fast… wait a minute. BeGuiled, now “8 year member”

I always figured he was like 8 or 9 years old, and now we know for sure!


Cut it off, give it to Matriarch.


Rip sir


Lying ass negro, didn’t you say you could SMELL std’s on a bitch?

Also Purplebunny is a furry and therefor a virgin. If anything, HE should be the one complaining about you leaving them bumps around his anus.


Those bumps were already there.




This burning sensation that you’re experiencing in your loins is what poets refer to as “burning desire.” I think your story makes it pretty clear that you’re experiencing an extreme level of sexual attraction towards fruity things. Maybe you should just do what nature is telling you to do and let yourself put your dick in some fruit.

… if you get what I mean.


you have a banana dick


Tananana nana
Tananana nana

If there’s something strange
going in your pants

Who ya gonna call?


I think @tpb must of laced some poison in their Chocha to stop me from smelling the t-virus residue his cock left inside my concubines walls.

I’ll have to stroke a high priestess to heal the status effects I have gotten from his ass.


Rule #1: don’t let other people play with your stick.