It hasnt died yet- Marvel vs Capcom thread


show us some vids, tips, and support this thread because MARVEL HASNT DIED YET! :bgrin::razz:


let the shit storm proceed…


i dont want it to die just yet! it is going to live for the nostolgia fighting game fans




i dont play shooters much. only one i play is fallout 3! man everone is bothering me about it


Psylocke’s anti-air assist opens up a Carbonadium Smasher for a focused Omega Red player.

My tip of the day


is omega red in MvC1?
does anyone have supercade cause i cant start sessions.


I’m sorry, but, I hate to break it to you, you may want to sit down for this, I understand how you feel, but we need to talk, I don’t know how I should tell you, but I guess I’ll just go ahead and …


Absolutely not.


What exactly is going on here?


a MvC1 thread to show tips, vids and cool things about the game. and trying to make a supercade list for MvC1 players


oh, well, thats cool.


#14 go here




The address is invalid.


Love me some double War Machine action.


This thread is now pointless.