It is ok to keep the arcade stick always turned on?


Hello everyone!

Just a quick question: I have a Mad Catz FightStick Tournament Edition S for XBOX that I am using with my PC.
This arcade stick is connected using a rear USB port and there is no way (AFAIK) to turn it off unless unplugging it. Since my PC as an average uptime of 12 hours/day, in your opinion is bad for the arcade stick to stay turned on all this time or I am just worrying too much?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t see why not? Don’t see how it would be different than a mouse or keyboard plugged in. I have a Mad Catz TE plugged into my PC for a few years now that I use and that PC is on 24/7.


Heavy power surges would be the most worrying factor but that would also kill your PC along the way, It should be OK! Also, you can think about how your mouse and keyboard are attached to your computer and don’t die and follow that logic.


I don’t think it would be good if you used an optical joystick pcb.


Some circuits get more stressed out by being power cycled. Some things like being either on or off and not frequently cycled. Things like controllers and any other bus powered USB device shouldn’t have any issue.