It IS possible to build a scene from next to nothing


I just did a quick search in this forum and found quite a few threads asking how to build a scene around them, how to make it grow. Unfortunately I can’t give you an all working solution but something good happened today and I felt like sharing, maybe it will inspire one or two of you. Who knows?

I live in Quebec city. It’s not a particularly great city but it’s what I got for now. I started playing fighting games in 05. At the time I was deep into World of Warcraft. I mean DEEP into it. To the point where my boss at the time told me to quit or I shouldn’t bother coming into work the next morning. He handed me a copy of Anniversary Collection for PS2 along with a fight pad and told me I could come back when I could take a match off of him.
It’s amazing how quickly you learn (the very basics at least) when you’re faced with no choice.
My interest took off from there. At the time though there was 4 of us (myself included) in town that played any fighting games and after a few months one of them had a wrist accident “playing guilty gear” and couldn’t keep playing. We were down to three. Soon enough a second one, my ex boss now, stopped coming down to our little fight nights. There I was with Dez26 and once in a blue moon his brother would come down.
Not the best scene you can imagine.

Flash forward to last february when SFIV comes out. Launch day we have a party. Myself, Dez26, his brother, my ex boss and one or two more randoms we could get from around. It looked a little promising. Nothing spectacular for you NYC or Cali folks but for us, it was the most we had in one place for a gathering in a while. Sadly the hype died down pretty quickly and soon enough it was me and Dez again.

Luckily for us, srk member Giiyom decided Quebec needed a french portal to discuss fighting games. SRK is great, don’t get me wrong but technical jargon is quite an issue when adding language barrier on top. He therefore created The website allowed us to gather a happy little bunch of ragtag fighting game enthusiasts. We started having little gatherings, mini tournaments but we were always faced with the same problem: location. We found a kick ass little mom and pop store that had a couple of tv’s and systems set up so we hosted a little tournament there. Unfortunately the tournament couldn’t be finished due to the owner wanting to close down and get out. Can’t blame him. He was already nice enough to let us use his store for free.

Here’s when we get to the good stuff. One of our members talked with Microplay (a local video game store chain) and has gotten us a sponsorship for our events. To be honest I’m quite surprised, pleasantly so of course. Now we have a store that provides prize money and is willing to lend us consoles, games and sticks for events. At the very same time, we have been trying to get this local lan center to buy some systems and tv’s and charge per hour. That way we could have a place to game at and best of all, they have a slushie machine.Well looks like the sponsorship deal is making this idea work as well.

So in one day we’ve acquired sponsors as well as a great location to play at. Overall a pretty good deal I’d say.

That’s my story. Sorry if it’s long. My point was pretty much that if it’s possible for a tiny place like Quebec city to build a scene, and hopefully one day we’ll re-establish the old Qc vs Mtl rivalry (for you Americans, think of it as Cubs vs Sox), it’s worth checking out every possibility. Lord knows we did. We tried every lan center in town before, every game store, at one point we were so desperate for a gathering location we almost tried a goddamn trucker bar just because they had a big tv with easy access to plug a console into it. Seriously, try every option you have before calling it quits, you’d be surprised how accommodating some places can be to your plight if they can see a potential profit or advertising opportunity. You may never build something as big as SoCal inside the city of St Nowhere, but having a little group of a dozen people to play to in a pretty kickass location sure as shit beats playing online.

Try it.


lmao! What the fuck


I worked at EB Games back then. I guess adding that detail makes it make sense.


good shit

I wish we had some sort of Scene here in Eugene , as far as i know gamers here only play RPGs and Shooters

granted i have like 5 friends that actually play fighting games and are somewhat decent at them , but still it’ll be nice to have a little Scene going on around here


So do something about it then.


Oh I tried , a lot of times . God knows i did

but I’m the only one that actually cares enough to try to create a scene , the rest just went " … eh "

if i find enough people that want to create a scene here I’d do all i can to make it happen , i cant do anything alone though


lol only a french speaker would be named “Giiyom”


Actually my first name is also Guillaume. And we got a dude with the handle Kyraxx also named Guillaume. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you not speak french in quebec? Must be rough

Anyway, I always thought it was a dope name


Travel to Salem gatherings. Come up for the big tournaments in Portland. We have one at Tilt on 1/30 and a huge one planned for 4/17 at PSU.

Check out the Salem thread in the NW section for more info.


Making a scene from scratch is hard work, it’s pretty much burned me out from playing fighting games as seriously as I used to. The problem with a small scene is that it is impossible at times to keep it going, you’ve got to be constantly trying to get new blood otherwise everyone will burn out. Also, believe it or not, but tournament play all the time is not the way to go. Small scenes are usually bad (skill wise), and there aren’t a lot of people; this means holding a lot of tournaments you find out who’s better real quick and then you just keep having the same ranking over and over and the guys at the bottom get tired of it because there’s only like 10 of you anyways. In other words, make sure you play to have fun and make friends rather than just rivals. Once you have a slightly bigger or more dedicated scene you can get super serious. I mean, yeah it would be great to be serious all the time but the threat of having a small scene dissolve is too high if there is no camaraderie.


I don’t think Quebec is as next to nothing as some of the situations people have described. :wonder:

but here, have the clap :clapdos:


Seconded. It’s like the kung fu master sending his pupil out into the world, only to return if he could kill him in a death match or something.
Him working at a game store doesn’t make it make more sense to me actually, that’s just a weird fuck thing to do. Still, it’s better than it having been the other way around: “Fuck SF! Here! Don’t come back until you’re a level 30 dwarf, or whatever.”


Maybe he wasn’t serious, maybe he was (probably not), but either way I didn’t procrastinate long enough to find out. If I put it more into context though it was finals week so I had the week off of work. That did give me a lot of time to play but as I said, he probably wasn’t serious, at the time I didn’t want to lose my job so I took the thread seriously.

My french is actually kind of terrible. I lost most of it and I do have difficulty speaking in French. Add technical jargon on top of that and when I talk about Street Fighter, 60% of one sentence will be english.


Yep, I’m yet another Guillaume from Quebec City. Glad to part of the scene now !

Quebec City isn’t as crappy as Valaris puts it… But it’s not large enough for Arcades to be a profitable business.

Props to Giiyom, Vectak and everyone on for the hard work. Slowly but surely we’re creating a pretty cool community.


Hey :karate:,

Nice read Val. :tup:
But yeah it’s really hard to build a scene from scratch and it takes a lot of dedication. I’ve encountered so many problems. And actually the website you’re seeing is the 3rd version of it. My host got hacked once and we lost everything. And I mean everything. I was so pissed off. At that time it was the end for me of a possible scene in Qc City. But with the venue of Super Street Fighter 4, the hype was taking over again and I decided to re-build completly another website.

And with the help of Vectak, another member on QSF, we found more and more players. We found locations for gatherings and an awesome sponsor for our events. It couldn’t go better.

I know it might be hard for some to build something like that from sratch. I’m a professionnal web designer and it helped me a lot reaching new people but, with a lot of dedication everything can happen!


I think my town is probably one of the only towns in the entire country with every SF cab from SFII World Warrior all the way up to Alpha 3.

I’ve never ever seen anyone else at the cabs though. I was inspired to try and make a scene because I’m on a Video Game Design course at the University that practically runs the town, but nobody on the course likes/played SF and when I brought it in for everyone to play, they all sort of stared at me with a look of distain then went back to Halo 3.


Nice work on getting the scene going. For those who are having trouble getting something started I would highly recommend trying to setup something at the local college or university. Get a student group going there if you can and see if you get any benefits for being one. Here in Winnipeg we use the university for weekly gatherings and can book rooms on campus when we need more space for free. We were also able to setup a table during one of the recruitment weeks to get some advertising going. It was a success as it netted us a few more players. I find that most cities have a decent amount of players who want to play but don’t know about a scenes existance. Getting any kind of public exposure helps and I find university works best cause its generally the age group of players. Hope that helps people.


I have about 5-6 LCD monitors/TVs. All arcade quality and up. Some small, some bigger.

But it’s better than nothing. My first local setup was with A LOT of HDMI monitors. All roughly 28" in size. Wish I could get bigger, but budget… you know. But it was nothing more than a local/community thing, and everyone sucked terribly, me included. :chat:

Great job getting your local community interested and starting your own scene. Moving soon, but I hope to accomplish what you have one day. :sweat:


Man, this is fucked up!! You can teach frogs to play SF, but I can’t teach a couple housecats how to play Tekken??